The Clinisept Range: The Importance of Skin Cleansing

By Florence Goulbourne

With every injectable procedure, preparing the skin accordingly is paramount for practitioners, and their patients too. However, despite the increased emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene following the global pandemic, The World Health Organisation still estimates that 134 million adverse events occur yearly due to unsafe patient care.  

Whilst most practitioners understand the critical importance of sanitation at all stages of an aesthetic appointment, the extremely high number of adverse effects is still somewhat shocking.  

 We explore the importance of skin preparation before an aesthetic appointment…

Why Is Skin Preparation Important

Disinfecting the skin before administering an injection of any treatment, such as dermal fillers, skin boosters and toxins, should be a standard procedure in any clinical setting. The main reasoning behind this practice, aside from general hygiene habits, is that in any scenario where the skin is broken (as it is with a needle), the risk of introducing infection is extremely high. 

Substantial evidence and published articles support findings that most complications of an infectious nature begin at the time of injecting, due to inadequate skin preparation.  

Infection prevention and control is the responsibility of everyone involved in the delivery of aesthetic treatments, especially the practitioner. As an aesthetics practitioner, working to limit the risk of infection in patients should be a fundamental focus of delivering treatments, as per the general code of conduct. However, employing a skin-cleansing technique alongside the use of an effective sterilising solution is one way to support this.

Which Product Is Recommended for Skin Preparation?

There are various aseptic products available on the market however, here at Fox, we recommend the Clinisept+ range. Providing exceptional levels of hygiene for your practice, the Clinisept range is a popular cleansing solution that helps to provide optimum levels of skin hygiene for your patients that are undergoing an aesthetic treatment. Intended for use before, during and after treatments, Clinisept’s product roster offers practitioners a highly effective cleansing and antimicrobial hygiene solution, without the typical compromise of irritation or sensitivity from a patient’s perspective. No other product combines similar levels of cleansing efficacy with complete skin and tissue compatibility, enabling Clinisept to deliver unparalleled results.

Clinisept Skin

About the Clinisept+ Range

The Clinisept+ products are part of the award-winning range of human healthcare products manufactured by Clinical Health Technologies Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of high-purity hypochlorous. Pioneering the way that practitioners clean and care for skin, the award-winning range of human healthcare products has reformed how healthcare professionals choose to conduct their skin-cleansing regimes. 

Endorsed by leading-medical professionals in the aesthetics industry and beyond, the Clinisept+ range offers an innovative approach to skin cleansing beyond topical serums and ointments with skin-compatible and sensitive-skin-friendly characteristics.  

Aside from revolutionising the way that practitioners prepare the skin, the Clinisept+ range utilises its advanced hypochlorous technology to promote natural healing post-treatment, providing optimum conditions for the skin to recover and repair.  

Containing no chlorhexidine, alcohol, petroleum or oils, the dermatologically tested cleansing range can be applied without any concerns of stinging or skin irritation, typical side-effects of traditional skin cleansing chemistries. Plus, it can also be used on all skin types, including those prone to rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.  

“Effective skin cleansing is a fundamental and absolute necessity of any aesthetic procedure. Thanks to Clinisept’s unique new skin-neutral pH formulation, I can consistently achieve this with a superior safety profile. I trust and use Clinisept+ in my practice and it delivers excellent results.,” says Mr Kambiz Golchin– MMed Sci, FRCS(ORL-HNS) Consultant ENT& Facial Plastic Surgeon Beacon Face and Dermatology (as quoted on the official Clinisept webpage). 

With no stated or acknowledged contraindications of the Clinisept+ range, this skin cleansing solution is praised for its effective microbial control and protection against complications. 

What Are the Directions for Use?

The Clinisept+ Antimicrobial Skin Care Solution is a ready-to-use aqueous solution. It should be decanted into a gallipot and then carefully wiped onto the skin using gauze or a pad. The skin should be thoroughly damp. It can be used throughout a procedure to keep the skin clean and soothed. Once the procedure is complete, a damp gauze can be left to soak on the treated area to calm and cool. Clinisept+ Skin is non-sensitising to the respiratory system and does not irritate the eyes.

The Takeaway

Before the procedure, the injector may advise you to avoid certain medications and supplements that can increase the risk of bruising or bleeding after the treatment. They may also recommend applying ice to the treatment area before and after the procedure to minimise swelling and discomfort. Numbing cream, such as Emla, can also be used in certain areas for minimal discomfort.

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