TSK Low Dead Space Hub 33G x 13mm is designed with a new-patented Low Dead Space needle hub, which reduces the effective space left behind in the needle hub.

The New LDS design results in savings up to 0,08ml pr. hypodermic needle, while a normal hypodermic syringe with a standard needle has an average dead space of nearly 1ml. With the effective design of TSK Low Dead Space Hub, the needle ensures nearly zero product loss and significant cost savings when injecting high costs drugs or precious vaccines. Furthermore, the needle aims to deliver new solutions that improve patient safety and comfort.

The TSK Low Dead Needle Hub is manufactured from an extremely hard polymer hub with exterior threading, which allows an even tighter “Luer lock” connection. This helps to prevent flexing, leakage and the chance of the hub will “pop-off” when exposed to high pressures.