Clinic Catch Ups With Snow White Aesthetics

By Florence Goulbourne

Here at Fox, our primary focus is ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the service and the products they receive. The satisfaction of our customers is crucial to the Fox team to ensure our company values including happiness, quality and affordability are maintained.

Recently, Fox has introduced a fortnightly series, Clinic Catch Up, to our social channels. Clinic Catch Ups show customers and potential customers an insight as to why other professionals and practitioners choose Fox as their go-to aesthetics provider. Furthermore, our Clinic Catch Up series also provides viewers with real-life accounts of practitioners who frequent Fox Pharma, their opinions, and their master tips for understanding our products to a better degree.  

In our most recent Clinic Catch Up series, we were joined by Rebecca at the medic-led clinic, Snow White Aesthetics. Snow White Aesthetics is a medic-led aesthetics clinic specialising in an array of treatments including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, PDO threads and more – priding themselves in patient safety and providing a high-quality service. Snow White Aesthetics is run by advanced practitioner Rebecca who studied at Manchester University and after, worked as a Dental Hygienist in a family-run orthodontic surgery. After this, Rebecca then pursued her passion for aesthetics and began training in the aesthetic medicine industry where she has now been practising for 8-years and teaching students for 4-years.  

As Rebecca built up an uncompromising rapport with her clients and students, she then founded Snow White Aesthetics in 2015. Here, Rebecca offers aesthetics training to medics and non-medics who are all CPD accredited and recognised with access to insurance and prescribers. At Snow White Aesthetics, Rebecca vows to only use CE regulated products in the clinic to guarantee and maintain client safety and to maximise the results

Clinic Catch-Up

In this Clinic Catch Up with Rebecca at Snow White Aesthetics, Rebecca explains why she chooses Fox Pharma as her go-to aesthetics provider. Not only is Rebecca a frequent customer at Fox Pharma, but Snow White Aesthetics is also an official training partner of REVOLAX. As official training partners with REVOLAX, clinics can receive discounted REVOLAX products, free marketing material, and free delegate packs along with the support and knowledge from our Fox team.

Furthermore, in this series of Clinic Catch Up, Rebecca explains how she feels that Fox Pharma as an online pharmacy and aesthetics provider is ‘second-to-none’ compared to other providers in the industry. One of the main things Rebecca at Snow White Aesthetics positively highlights about Fox Pharma is the in-house pharmacy at Fox. Our onsite pharmacy here at Fox provides customers with direct access to our knowledgeable Superintendent Pharmacist and Fox Pharma Reps who can provide answers to every solution regarding your aesthetics queries. Our trustworthy and credible reps understand your needs and our products to help provide you with the best advice for all your questions and queries.

Q&A With Rebecca at Snow White Aesthetics

In an off-camera interview with Rebecca, we discussed more in-depth her experience with Fox Pharma and her thoughts on The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler, REVOLAX. Rebecca gives us a full overview of her experience and thoughts on Fox Pharma and REVOLAX.

1. Why do you like working in aesthetics?

“I like working in aesthetics because what is better than coming to work every day and making people smile and helping them to overcome their insecurities! I love being able to give clients that boost of confidence and honestly, there is nothing better. Aesthetics can change lives, even the smallest procedure can have a patient feeling super confident with a smile that lasts weeks.“

2. What are the benefits of partnering with REVOLAX?

“Partnering with REVOLAX for my academy, Snow White Aesthetics is super beneficial as it means that I can order REVOLAX in bulk and we are also able to get our products at a discount as we purchase huge quantities. The academy also receives free marketing material for REVOLAX including consultation forms which help us to push REVOLAX on to our clients who end up falling in love with the product. Furthermore, when partnering with REVOLAX – we get our delivery free and the next day meaning that I can always guarantee that my product cabinet will stay full.”

3. Do you offer training at your clinic?

The location of the injections will also affect the duration of Botox. Injections in areas with more movement, such as the forehead, may experience the effects for a shorter period of time.

4. Why do you choose REVOLAX as your go-to dermal filler?

“We choose REVOLAX as our main choice of dermal filler because, in comparison to other premium brands available in the aesthetics market – REVOLAX simply offers more for your money. For example, when injecting with REVOLAX, it enters the dermis with ease and provides fantastic results, more importantly, not only do we love it but our clients love it too! This dermal filler in particular does not migrate and is super high quality compared to other dermal fillers I have tried and tested. Plus, it lasts as long, if not longer than competitor brands.

Moreover, I love using REVOLAX because I know it’s safe for my clients when purchased from Fox; it is CE registered. This means that the product has undergone stringent safety tests meaning that it is completely safe to inject and is fully insured.“

5. How long have you used Fox Pharma as your aesthetics provider?

“So, I have been a customer at Fox Pharma for over 3 years now. Not only do I purchase my dermal fillers and Revolax from Fox Pharma but also my anti-wrinkle injections, amino acids etc. The services from Fox Pharma are amazing! The customer service team and reps are always on hand should you ever need to enquire about your order the delivery is super quick and efficient and they always provide a reliable service. I can always trust Fox to get my products to me on time and when I need them.”

Watch our clinic catch-up series with Rebecca at Snow White Aesthetics where we talk all things Fox Pharma and REVOLAX here:

For an aesthetics provider you can trust, shop directly at Fox Pharma.

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