PLLA Collagen Stimulators

Injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) is a volume-restoring treatment that’s rapidly rising in popularity. Known as collagen stimulators, PLLA injectables are intended to stimulate the skin to produce collagen for volume restoration in the injected area. The results of PLLA collagen stimulators are often subtle and natural-looking with effects tending to appear gradually over a few months. 

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  • PLLA filler, or poly-L-lactic acid filler in full, is a synthetic, bio-stimulatory, semi-permanent dermal filler that helps restore facial and body volume loss over a gradual period.

  • PLLA filler offers a gradual, volume-restoring solution for patients and therefore often boasts more natural-looking results in comparison to traditional dermal fillers. It is also an extremely safe, minimally invasive, and effective treatment.

  • PLLA filler is not suitable as lip filler.

  • PLLA filler results from treatments such as aesPlla® can last up to three years. Due to the nature of PLLA filler and its steady development process, noticeable results are typically seen over the course of a few weeks in comparison to more traditional, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers where results are visible quicker.