How To Achieve Natural Cheek Filler Results With Dr Haffar

By Florence Goulbourne

For patients interested in enhancing their facial features with natural cheek filler, it’s crucial to know how to achieve that coveted, natural look as an aesthetic practitioner. Overfilling cheeks can lead to a cartoonish appearance or a “pillow face,” which is something that most patients want to. In this blog post with leading Doctor, Dr Youseff Haffar, we’ll discuss how to achieve natural cheek filler results and Simply Clinics’ go-to technique for this treatment.

Dr. Haffar’s Go-To Technique For Natural Cheek Filler

Our expert team’s go-to technique for natural-looking cheek filler is to always look and analyse the patient’s facial structure. Dr.Haffar is an advocate for analysing if the cheeks need further support from tear trough filler or other accompanying areas to avoid overfilling and producing uneven filler. This is important because restoring facial volume in a natural way takes a holistic approach, and this technique ensures that the treatment is tailored to the patient. We avoid just adding the same amount of filler to every patient in the same place as this is where aestheticians can go wrong, as not everyone needs cheek filler to create a contoured, structured look. Dr Haffar also uses a large 22 gauge cannula, as it allows the product to distribute smoothly whilst providing a soft shape on the cheek bones, avoiding any streaks of filler. This technique gives the appearance of a beautiful high cheekbone, without the overfilled look.

How To Avoid Going Overboard With Cheek Filler

On occasion, patients request (or wrongly expect) large amounts of cheek filler in one session, however, amount does not always equal better results. Adding too much filler can lead to over-filled, puffy cheeks, which is something we want our clients to avoid. It’s important to understand that smaller, more subtle changes built up over time can create the beautiful, natural results that your patients want. Be mindful of the desired look and engage in an open conversation with your client to ensure that their goals align with your expertise.

Thoughts on Combining Temple Filler Treatments

For a long time, temples were overlooked as ageing indicators in facial treatments. Today, temples are top-of-mind for restoring facial volume. Our team believes that temple filler treatments complement cheek filler and create a natural, transformative boost to the facial structure. The combination of procedures provides optimal symmetry and subtle improvements that enhance the facial structure.

A natural result is an essential component of a successful cheek filler treatment. At our clinic, we take pride in offering the very best in expertise and skills, utilising Dr. Haffar’s time-tested techniques and high-grade fillers that provide the most natural results. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your facial structure while still maintaining a natural appearance!

Dr Haffar’s Preferred Product for Cheek Filler

Not all cheek fillers are created equal; our team has a preference for using REVOLAX Sub-Q, and specifically the REVOLAX range of hyaluronic acid-based fillers. At Simply Clinics, we favour it because it has been known to provide subtly volumising effects resulting in beautiful, natural-looking results that do not dominate the facial expression. Its hyaluronic acid component provides a seamless enhancement that integrates well with the skin, becoming part of an existing structure instead of imposing changes. We only want results that are so undetectable in appearance, they look like the patients’ own!

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