Nucleofill Results: Before and After

By Florence Goulbourne

At Fox Pharma, we’re exclusive distributors of an innovative range of skin boosters. We’re always keen to show you some of the amazing post-treatment results of our products, so this time it’s all about Nucleofill. Are you considering having some skin booster treatment soon, but just need a little more convincing? Check out this guide on Nucleofill results of before and after treatment on some of our more recent patients.

What is Nucleofill?

The Nucleofill skin booster range features a trio of fabulous products for the face, eyes and hair. They are:

  • Nucleofill Medium Plus Hair
  • Soft Plus Eyes
  • Strong

All three are specially targeted to treat different areas (eyes, face and hair). The innovative formula is powered by polynucleotides that deliver four key benefits: regeneration, cleansing, moisturising, and firming and contouring. This is achieved through a specific mechanism of action, for optimal bio revitalisation.

What does Nucleofill Medium Plus Hair do?

Nucleofill Medium Plus is designed to increase hair growth. It has shown significant results in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and in all cases of hair weakening. Androgenetic alopecia is the main cause of progressive thinning of the hair. However, Nucleofill Medium Plus targets the improvement of the tropism of the hair follicle thanks to its deep and continuous bio-restructuring effect.

What does Nucleofill Soft Plus Eyes do?

Nucleofill Soft Plus works to renew and refresh the skin around the eyes for a brighter and firmer appearance.

Soft Plus Eyes: Before and After

Available to shop on Fox Pharma, Nucleofill Soft Plus Eyes is formulated with low molecular weight, highly purified, naturally derived polynucleotides. These are specifically created to improve the tropism of the periocular area (the area around the eye, including eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, tear duct, eye shape, and skin texture).

Offering a subtler alternative to tear trough filler, the treatment that Nucleofill Soft Plus Eyes provides is ideal for all skin types. Another key feature is that it can be used in combination with other treatments.

In this before and after transformation, the hollow of the patient’s under-eye is visibly reduced. Also, there is a marked reduction in the discolouration at the inner corner of the eye, showcasing the true impact of Nucleofill before and after results.

As you can see in the below images, the client’s under-eyes appear visibly brightened with a significant reduction in fine lines.

The client’s tear troughs are visibly rejuvenated following treatment with Soft Plus. The dark circles and discolouration have been significantly softened and make the hollowing appear less pronounced. This helps to create a more youthful and less tired-looking appearance.

What does Nucleofill Strong do?

Nucleofill Strong is an innovative anti-ageing injectable that is designed for the renewal and bio-restructuring of skin. Utilising polynucleotides, Nucleofill Strong works to improve the appearance of a variety of skin concerns. A key feature of this product is it’s ideal for all skin types, especially those with mature, dry, or lacklustre skin. Strong treatment offers lifting, antioxidant, and moisturising benefits.

Nucleofill Strong: Before and After

This innovative anti-ageing injectable is specifically formulated for skin renewal and bio-restructuring. The treatment works to rejuvenate the skin and replenish hydration while supporting elasticity to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can buy Nucleofill Strong from Fox Pharma, the exclusive distributor of this innovative range.

As you can see in this Nucleofill Strong post-treatment photograph, the client’s skin appears visibly smoother, with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The results of this anti-ageing skin booster are clear to see, which is why Nucleofill remains such a positive option for many people.

The client’s skin appears visibly brighter and more even post-treatment. There is a marked reduction in the deeper wrinkles on the cheek and an improvement to the fine lines surrounding the periocular area and the mouth.

Buy Nucleofill at Fox Pharma

With a unique bio-restructuring formula and effective yet natural-looking results, the Nucleofill range is ideal for clients who are looking to smooth and brighten their complexion and under-eyes for a refreshed and more youthful-looking appearance. Impressed with our Nucleofill results? Shop the Nucleofill skin booster range online at Fox Pharma.
If you’d like to find out more about our excellent range of products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to have a chat about your treatment aims.

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