Skin Boosters That Beat All The Blues

By Florence Goulbourne

Boost your skin, and your mood with skin boosters!

Skin boosters to the rescue!

It’s Blue Monday, and no not the New Order song. Instead, Blue Monday is known as the ‘most depressing day of the year’. By informal definition, Blue Monday dubs itself as ‘depressing’ – and quite literally so.  From this, it’s not hard to acknowledge just how melancholy Blue Monday is and we want no part in this unofficial national holiday. Fox Group out. 

The theory states that around this time of year is when the magical feeling of Christmas is long gone. The imminent feeling of sadness sweeps over us and low and behold, Blue Monday.  At this point of the year, we’re just about making it through. Alongside being broke, bored and cold – unless, of course, you made a lucky escape to Ibiza – we’re all feeling a little meh

The combination of post-festive blues, the looming guilt of abandoned New Year’s resolutions and the other equally sombre factors suggests that Blue Monday isn’t as farfetched as we once thought. 

However here at Fox, we’re choosing to instead celebrate Blue Monday! Subverting the depressing vibe that Blue Monday forces us to feel, we’re transforming from glum to fun. It’s time to divert our attention from blue to new.

So how does a brand new skin regimen sound? 

If there’s anything that can brighten your mood (and your skin!) it’s a good skincare routine that leaves you feeling and looking rejuvenated. With our latest skin treatment secret – there may be a solution to healthy and happy skin without a daily six-step process.

And so, we introduce skin boosters – the ultimate injectable skin treatments that beat all the blues.  

What Are Skin Boosters? 

“Less than 20% of 2,000 adults have found the perfect skincare routine for their skin type” – Medovie, 2021

Skin boosters bring an innovative and fresh approach to gorgeous, glowing skin. Initially developed to help deliver moisture surging properties and overall skin advances – radiant and refreshed skin isn’t an unattainable goal to maintain.  

Different skin boosters will contain different primary ingredients that are beneficial for different skincare goals. However, all skin boosters contain hyaluronic acid which some deem to be the holy grail of skincare. Despite not all skin boosters containing the same amount of hyaluronic acid – it is the ruling ingredient. 

These treatments are constant reminders that it’s not primarily about painting the picture but creating the perfect canvas also. Moreover, it’s no surprise that skin boosters are slowly starting to dominate the cosmetic industry. With lockdowns posing as a constant threat over the past two years, many of us have found ourselves locked in the house unable to do the things we once did – including facials! People found themselves with overgrown eyebrows, stressed-out complexions and of course, the dreaded mascne. The easing of COVID restriction gave us all the reality check we needed – an unflattering, slightly embarrassing and insulting reality check should we mention. Now consequently, we’re all seeking a new ‘skin-vestment’ to rescue our complexions and injectable skin boosters could be the divine answer.  

What Do Skin Boosters Offer?

Skin boosters offer versatile treatment options which prove to be a popular option for anyone looking to plump and perfect their skin. Ultimately, skin boosters are the secret to staying young without the need for surgery. With various brands already developing their range of injectable skin boosters, we’re exploring some of the industry’s favourites for ultimate skin goals.  It’s all about rolling back those years and achieving a youthful glow, all made possible with injectable skin boosters.  

Hyaluronic Acid: What’s The Hype?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is commonly known amongst skincare gurus as a saviour for the skin. Scientifically, HA is labelled as a naturally occurring molecule found throughout almost every fluid and tissue in the body with 50% of our body’s total HA volume residing in our skin. In the beauty world, HA is renowned for its miraculous hydrating properties and smoothing capabilities. Moreover, hyaluronic acid aids the skin in maintaining hydration whilst adding moisture surging benefits – the key to healthy-looking skin. Skincare products that contain the hydrating ingredient are often favoured amongst others; hydrated skin is often recognised as more aesthetic looking due to the healthy-looking glow. The use of hyaluronic acid in skin boosters aid in improving natural hydration levels and boosting collagen and elastin production throughout the deeper layers of the skin. Essentially, hyaluronic acid truly is an incredible ingredient that benefits eighteen and eighty-year-old skin.

SuneKos Injectable Skin Booster 

  With injectable skin boosters making their debut in the industry, there are numerous options available on the cosmetic market including SuneKos.     The SuneKos skin booster is an injectable treatment that works to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin whilst also restoring elasticity and volume to the skin. SuneKos’s specialised formula combines amino acids with hyaluronic acid.

  This skin booster in particular vows to help improve the skins hydration levels and texture whilst smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Providing the perfect solution for a fresher, more natural appearance whilst leaving the skin hydrated and healthy.     SuneKos offers two different treatment options at Fox Pharma for skin regeneration. The treatment can be performed separately or in combination with SuneKos 200 and SuneKos 1200

Profhilo Injectable Skin Booster 

  Profhilo – potentially one of the most, if not the most, popular skin boosters available on the current market.     Profhilo is the first BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid-based product. Developed to help treat skin laxity whilst working to improve the overall radiance of the skin. With this injectable skin booster, many report a vast improvement in skin brightness, smoothness, and skin hydration – glowing skin for the win! Using an understandable analogy, Profhilo isn’t a Botox or dermal filler but an injectable skin treatment with incredible moisture-surging properties

Profhilo boasts an impressive cocktail of ingredients. One ingredient which initially entices the audience is the holy grail of skincare as previously mentioned – Hyaluronic Acid. This injectable contains 32mg of low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (80-100Kda) and 32 mg of high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (1100-1400Kda). This provides one of the highest concentrations on the market totalling 64mg of HA in a 2ml prefilled syringe. It also triggers a response in the tissue known as ‘bio-remodelling’. This helps to smooth, tighten, and provide your skin with a luminous looking glow. If you or your client suffer from crepey, wrinkled skin which lacks radiance and glow – Profhilo is your one-way ticket to skin goals. 

In the beginning, two treatments are usually given one month apart. Top-ups may be required on an ‘as and when’ basis with treatment duration lasting up to 6 months.

Jalupro Super Hydro Injectable Skin Booster 

  Jaulpro super hydro (SH) markets itself as ‘the most powerful skin bio-revitalisation product on the market’.    The jalupro SH is a newly developed injectable skin booster that works to treat severely dehydrated and tired-looking skin. Developed with 80mg of Hybrid HA and containing two different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid – this structure has an effect that provides a strong lifting effect whilst working to saturate the skin with intense moisture

  Due to the rich and effective amino acid combination, Jalupro SH also works to support and strengthen the synthesis of collagen and elastin. A perfect option to help brighten dull-looking skin.

Restylane Skin Boosters Vital with Lidocaine 

  Restylane skin boosters deem the product as a whole new approach to skin rejuvenation. Targeted as not only an injectable skin booster for the face but including treatment areas such as the neck, décolletage, and hands. Restylane skin boosters are made from Q-Med’s patented NASHA gel, with no extra additives.   They are also developed with lidocaine which acts as an anaesthetic agent to minimise pain.  This skin booster has been developed to replenish the hyaluronic acid lost through skin ageing. Working to further hydrate the skin whilst improving the overall elasticity for a refreshed glow.   Plus, the naturally hydrating and moisturising properties of Restylane Vital also makes the treatment suited to all skin types, whether the skin is dry or oily. An amazing option for flawless looking skin. 

The skin summary

Overall, skin boosters are an exceptional procedure that offers a fantastic solution to dull skin. Not only do skin boosters boast revitalised and refreshed skin, but they are also suitable for all skin types and age groups. Results may vary, however at a minimum, they can last for as long as six months, and some may even hold longer than one year. In summary, skin boosters are your one-way ticket to waving goodbye to your six-step routine. They provide amazing benefits for gorgeous glowing skin which is something we’re all in dire need of!

We’re all in pursuit of the perfect injectable skin booster to help with all our skincare needs and the industry is always expanding its inventory.

With major developments happening behind the scenes, the next crowning glory of skin boosters may not be too far behind the horizon line…

Shop our range of skin boosters online now.

By Florence Goulbourne

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