Staying Safe in the Aesthetics Industry

By Poppy Broughton

Fox Pharma is committed to helping you stay safe

Adhering to regulations and standards in the aesthetics industry, particularly relating to injectables, is critical because it ensures client and practitioner safety.

This blog highlights key issues that ensure safe practice. Topics covered include, medical device registration, CE and UKCA marks, counterfeit products and aesthetics insurance—all things Fox Pharma can help you to navigate.

Medical device registration

In order to enter the UK market, aesthetic injectables—including dermal fillers, skin boosters and toxins—are required to be registered as medical devices by the  Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Aesthetic injectables can only be registered as medical devices if they have the CE or UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark. This is because, unlike the CE and UKCA mark, the certificate does not validate the safety or efficacy of the aesthetic injectable.

What are CE and UKCA marks, and why do they matter?

A CE and UKCA mark is a logo which is placed on a medical device to show that it conforms to specific health and safety requirements. The CE mark signifies that a medical device meets European requirements and the UKCA mark signifies that a medical device meets UK requirements.

By using CE or UKCA marked medical devices, you can ensure that you comply with required standards, avoid invalidating your insurance and safeguard your clients. Furthermore, using CE or UKCA marked medical devices upholds client confidence in your practice.

According to a customer survey carried out by Fox Pharma in 2024, 91% of participants disclosed that CE marks and medical device registrations are important in determining which aesthetic injectable to use—highlighting the affinity which clients have to the CE mark and UK regulations.  

In order to stay compliant, you can shop at Fox Pharma which sells a range of aesthetic injectables that are registered as medical devices and CE or UKCA marked. Such injectables include, but are not limited to, VITARAN, Seventy Hyal, REVOLAX and aesPlla.

Counterfeit products

Recently, there has been a rise in counterfeit and parallel imported products in the aesthetics industry which pose a threat to practitioners and clients.

In particular, the use of counterfeit products could invalidate a practitioner’s insurance and, if complications arise, the products are difficult to trace back to the manufacturer.

In order to guarantee the authenticity of its products, Fox Pharma has developed a traceable supply chain whereby the company works directly with manufacturers and distributors.

With this in mind, the company launched a new box for its flagship product REVOLAX, The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler, following the rise of counterfeit and parallel imported REVOLAX products on the market.

The new box includes a black band across the bottom of the box and a holographic logo featuring “Fox Group Exclusive UK & IE Licence Holder” in order to help practitioners differentiate genuine and authentic REVOLAX products.

REVOLAX new box full Lidocaine range

Aesthetic insurance

By ensuring that you recommend and administer aesthetic injectables that are registered as medical devices, have CE or UKCA marks and are not counterfeit products you can avoid invalidating your insurance.

Aesthetic practitioners who work with clients on a daily basis should have insurance, particularly medical malpractice insurance. According to UK regulations, licensed practitioners are required to be covered by insurance and all other types of practitioners are recommended to be covered by insurance.

Fox Insure can help you to arrange insurance cover for a wide range of treatments including the administration of dermal fillers, skin boosters and toxins in order to safeguard your business, employees and reputation. Plus, you can get a free, no obligation consultation by simply requesting a quote here.

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