Using Ice To Numb Before Dermal Fillers

By Florence Goulbourne

Here at Fox Pharma, our customers requested a non-lidocaine version of REVOLAX, the Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler, to accommodate the needs of clients with allergies to the local anaesthetic. Although the two dermal fillers achieve the exact same results, we thought we would share the best way to reduce potential discomfort if using REVOLAX without Lidocaine. In this situation, ice is key. With three products in the REVOLAX range: Fine, Deep and Sub-Q, there’s a dermal filler for all of your clients needs.

Where should I use ice to numb?

Ice is a great numbing technique for areas of the face with thinner skin which are the most painful areas to have injected. This includes the lips, tip of the nose, under the eyes, nasolabial lines and upper nose. REVOLAX Ambassador and Fox Academy trainer, Dr Mark Gorman shared his technique on numbing with ice:

Step 1: Numb the appropriate areas

In sensitive areas, numbing cream such as LMX should be left for 20 minutes. The maximum effect takes between 40-60 minutes.

Step 2: Apply ice to each section

When using ice, there is no need to wait for longer than 20 minutes in sensitive areas and 10 minutes elsewhere. Ice has the additional benefit of reducing bruising and swelling to a minimum.

Step 3: How to apply tension

For optimum results and better pain management, maximum skin tension should be maintained. Where tissue is mobile, such as the lips and under the eyes, skin should be stretched, however where skin is less mobile, such as the cheek and jaw, skin should be pinched.

As the official UK stockists of REVOLAX, the Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler is available to order from Fox Pharma. Register with us to shop the full REVOLAX range and more, and stock up for your clinic with products you can depend on.

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