Why Practitioners Love aesPlla®: A Forever Love

By Florence Goulbourne

aesPlla® A Long-lasting Love

aesPlla has been stealing the hearts of PLLA practitioners since it debuted onto the market late last year. The Future of Restorative Injectables offers fast-acting collagen regeneration to restore volume and promote a youthful-looking complexion. It’s no wonder practitioners are ‘Stuck On aesPlla®.’

Product Benefits

Good things come to those who wait. aesPlla® works over a longer period of time than HA dermal fillers, requiring a course of three collagen-stimulating treatments, spaced four weeks apart. As the skin begins to produce new collagen, gradual rejuvenation and volumisation will become apparent, leaving your clients with a more youthful-looking complexion.

They say patience is a virtue… following an aesPlla® treatment course, clients can enjoy treatment results that last up to three years. The Future of Restorative Injectables provides superior longevity, thanks to its long-term collagen-stimulating benefits, so your clients can discover a long-lasting love affair with plumped, glowing skin.

The PLLA based and collagen stimulator’s unique formulation is also the perfect match for busy practitioners, requiring just 3 hours of dissolving time. Shop aesPlla on Fox Pharma.

Does Sun Exposure Reduce Collagen?: Hand holding Aesplla in front of a warm spotlight.

Practitioner Reviews of aesPlla®

‘We had our delivery of aesPlla® yesterday morning at 9:15am, the product was mixed and in the fridge by 9:30am and the client was walking out of the door by 1:30pm with a full rejuvenation after two vials of this fantastic product.’

– Macs of London.

‘aesPlla® is an incredible injectable for collagen regeneration and long-term natural results.’

– Kirsten Horsfield, Nurse Prescriber and Lead Trainer.

‘A game changer in the PLLA world. Higher collagen proliferation and greater client results, it’s my new favourite.’

– Laura Spence, Nurse Prescriber and Aesthetics Trainer.

Best suited to clients aged 30+, aesPlla® offers rejuvenation and volumisation to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, laxity and volume loss.

Shop aesPlla® on Fox Pharma or learn more about the product here.

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