Stocking Up Your Clinic: Why You Should Bulk Buy

By Florence Goulbourne

As practitioners rush to prepare their clinics ahead of the impending festive season, clients are equally as frantic with their treatment schedules. Patients are on the hunt for the next best treatment that will help them look and feel their best during the Christmas period, meaning that practitioners are under constant pressure to deliver results. As beauty calendars fill up and purses empty seemingly as fast, now is the perfect time for practitioners to stock their clinics accordingly and what could be easier than bulk buying? 

In this blog, we explain why bulk buying is the ultimate hack for festive clinic preparation.

Why You Should Bulk Buy Your Aesthetics

In any business, bulk buying is a money-saving tip when it comes to purchasing large amounts of stock – and the same can be said for the aesthetics industry. Practitioners must ensure their clinics are stocked accordingly with all the right products and tools to provide clients with the best possible treatment. Bulk buying can help ease this process, especially in the busier months. Amidst the rising cost of living and general day-to-day purchases, businesses including clinic owners and working practitioners are all seeking ways to become more money efficient, and bulk buying could be the solution. With many positive advantages of bulk buying your aesthetics products, the biggest persuader for many is the cost savings that bulk buying offers.

Saving Your Clinic Money: Buying products in bulk can help to reduce the cost of each unit, meaning that you are able to get more for your money whilst saving on additional costs. Especially in the long run; when considering additional factors such as delivery costs, bulk buying becomes an attractive incentive whereby buying your products at once is simply the easiest and most cost-effective option. Typically, most clients will also book their beauty treatments in advance, or you would hope as a busy practitioner, meaning you can prepare your stock proportional to the number of clients you are treating. If you have an adequate storing solution for your bulk buy stock, this purchasing option should be a no-brainer for practitioners during the busiest season of the year. It’s important for practitioners to consider how frequently they typically purchase their aesthetics supplies; buying in smaller quantities at a more frequent rate can turn out to be more costly in the long-run. 

Avoid Being Unprepared: By ‘stocking up’, pun intended, your clinics inventory in advance with bulk buying, practitioners can avoid the Christmas rush and the potential dismay of now receiving their stock in time. By bulk buying ahead of time and in line with your treatment schedule, practitioners can ensure they are always one step ahead, essential during the busier months. Moreover, it’s important that practitioners keep abreast of courier strikes and potential delays with deliveries – making advanced bulk buying a simple solution for getting prepared. It’s an amazing advantage for busy clinics on the run up to Christmas, and beyond! 

Give Your Clients The Best Savings: Especially during the festive season, many  are already evaluating their finances, with Christmas around the corner. With treatments being a luxury for many clients at this time of year, clients are on the search for cheaper treatments that don’t compromise on quality. For most people, the run up to Christmas can be both pressurising and expensive, and saving money is at the top of everyone’s agenda. With bulk buying options often saving practitioners money on their orders, they can then pass on these savings to their clients. By passing on the savings earned from bulk buying to the treatment price, you can attract more yearning clients at this time of year for a slight edge on the competition. 

The Takeaway

There are multiple advantages to bulk buying and we at Fox Pharma are proud to offer bulk buying options on The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler range. REVOLAX and also on Seventy Hyal 2000, The Next Generation Skin Booster. As we are the official UK rightsholders of REVOLAX and European* rightsholders for Seventy Hyal 2000 – practitioners can shop direct from Fox Pharma where you can guarantee we’ll never run out of stock for the busiest season of the year.

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