As lip fillers continue to take the crowning glory of all dermal filler treatments, the Instagram craze of Russian lips is steadily on the rise. According to experts, Russian lips are one of the biggest trends to emerge in the non-surgical cosmetic space in 2021 with no signs of slowing down in 2022. Russian lips are a popular lip augmentation treatment that have seen a spike in traction over the past few years with the #RussianLips tag on TikTok seeing 3.9M views and Instagram reporting 78,000 posts with numbers escalating amply. 

But what are Russian lips and why is this trend making its way around the globe? 

Russian lips are a specialised lip augmentation technique popularised by patients worldwide. With the envied look of shapely lips, Russian lips flaunt an attractive pout without the concern of an overfilled look. This technique works to subtly shape the lips into a heart-like shape with more volume near the centre to resemble that of a Russian doll, hence the name. This technique has been dubbed as the perfect treatment for those new to lip augmentations as Russian lips create a dramatic lift to the lips and cupid’s bow without adding excess volumes to the profile of the lips – producing a natural finish without compromise on volume or lift.

As mentioned, the Russian lips technique is best practised on those new to dermal fillers as the treatment requires virgin lips (no previous filler) for the best results. If a patient does have previous product in the lip when opting for this technique, the filler must be dissolved 6-weeks prior to an appointment; traditional lip augmentation techniques place filler around the border of the lip which is not part of the Russian technique. Ultimately, the Russian lip technique flaunts contemporary and model-like results whilst shying away from the overfilled look. This technique aims to help beautifully balance the profile whilst maintaining the perfect pout. 

Russian lips by Aesthetic Nurse @purehealth_aesthetics

Russian lips differ from classic lip augmentation in various ways however, the key difference between the both is the injection technique. Unlike classic lip filler augmentation, the process of Russian lips involves injecting tiny droplets of filler inserted vertically into the lip to help widen, lift, and open the lip body without any compromise of projection. With this technique, the product is injected starting at the base of the lip and drawing the product outward towards the lip border.  Typically, with classic lip augmentation – the filler is injected horizontally into the lip resulting in an evenly spread product for volume and fullness. Easier to remember are the goals of each of the techniques, for example – Russian lips aim to tighten the lips with more focus on the centre however, classic lip augmentation works to add overall plumpness throughout the lips for a more heart-shaped effect. Another difference between the two techniques is the time taken; creating the Russian lip requires double the time that the standard linear thread technique of classic lip augmentation takes. This is due to the necessary precision required to fill the specific region of the lips. Moreover, the downtime may be slightly longer in comparison to treatment with classic lips – this is due to the swelling that often follows and more substantial bruising in some cases. 

Despite this, there are some similarities between the two techniques with the main one being the longevity of the technique. The Russian lips technique will last the same amount of time as traditional fillers as it’s not the product that differs but instead the technique. So, the longevity will in fact depend on the type of dermal filler used and for this technique we recommend REVOLAX Fine. REVOLAX Fine is the most lightweight filler within the REVOLAX range and is seemingly a popular option for practitioners offering Russian lips.

Due to Fine’s lightweight and high-viscoelasticity properties, the product quickly absorbs into the lips to create a natural overall finish. Particularly for the Russian lips technique, REVOLAX Fine works wonderfully to give a flat look whilst simultaneously giving a lifting effect to the lips. 

In an interview with Aesthetics Practitioner Claire at Aesthetically Perfect, Claire explained “at Aesthetically Perfect, we offer Russian lips which is a super popular lip augmentation technique at the moment – for this, REVOLAX Fine has quickly become my all-time favourite product to use. However, if a client is after a more volumised lip look, I also like to opt for REVOLAX Deep – taking the needle from REVOLAX Fine and placing this on my REVOLAX Deep syringe. As much as I love all the REVOLAX range, REVOLAX Fine is my favourite currently. It’s my preferred dermal filler to use on the lips and gives a beautiful flat look whilst giving a complementing lifting effect”. 

As industry-leaders, we here at Fox are continuously on the search for emerging trends within the aesthetics space and Russian lips are taking the industry by storm. For the best results, opt to use REVOLAX Fine – available to purchase from the UK rightsholders here. 

Do you offer Russian lips in your clinic?