Expected Results

The OVEO Plasma Pen tightens, brightens, and rejuvenates the skin’s laxity resulting in a youthful appearance. With help from the plasma, both superficial and medium-depth wrinkles can be eliminated, and a noticeable improvement can be seen on deep-set and severe wrinkles.

Due to the non-invasive nature and minimal downtime after treatment, aftercare is simple and effective, and results can be seen within a few weeks. Further sessions may be necessary depending on the depth of the wrinkles or scarring, but often only one session is needed to achieve desired results. Once the treated areas are fully recovered, the results can last up to 3 years, keeping that youthful, refreshed appearance for longer.


Before and Afters

The OVEO Plasma Pen is a must-have device that can produce incredibly transformative results for your clients. With its simple yet effective treatment, the OVEO Pen can help them achieve their ideal aesthetic results. Take a look below to see the results for yourself.


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