Buy EMLA Numbing Cream

EMLA is a market-leading numbing cream containing two local anaesthetics: lidocaine and prilocaine. These ingredients work together to create a numbing effect, ideal for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. It can be used to ease the pain of procedures that use needles, such as dermal filler and skin booster applications. For a quality numbing agent, buy EMLA cream today at Fox Pharma. We also supply many more aesthetic consumables to keep your clinic fully stocked with essential aesthetic supplies.

Keep your clients comfortable with EMLA cream

Maximise client satisfaction and ensure a comfortable experience by using EMLA numbing cream on your client’s skin before their procedure. When applied to clean skin, the EMLA cream will numb the skin for just a short period. EMLA provides a pleasant cosmetic experience for your clients as any pain caused by needles will not be felt, leaving clients with only feelings of pressure and sensitivity.


Trustworthy, reliable products for your clinic

As a licensed, genuine numbing agent approved by the UK medicines authority MHRA, EMLA numbing cream is a trustworthy numbing cream that can help clients feel much more at ease during procedures. Our whole range of aesthetic supplies, such as our anti-wrinkle injections and sclerotherapy products, are all from market-leading brands. So, you can find everything you need for your clinic right here.


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At Fox Pharma, we offer a wide variety of quality consumables and anaesthetics at competitive prices to UK and European medical professionals. We have many essential aesthetic items available, so register now to buy EMLA cream today. If you need any further information or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.