Buy LMX Cream

Good quality numbing creams work excellently to keep patients comfortable during procedures and ease the pain of aesthetic injections. At Fox Pharma, we offer LMX cream which is ideal for pre-procedure numbing. Developed with local anaesthetic agents to create its numbing effect, you can buy LMX Cream at Fox Pharma at fantastic prices. We also offer many more aesthetic consumables to keep your clinic fully stocked with essential aesthetic supplies.

Use LMX Cream for simple and effective numbing

LMX Cream achieves its effect by using lidocaine 4%, a local anaesthetic that is commonly used by aestheticians to improve the comfort of their client’s experience. Whilst lidocaine can be injected, LMX Cream is a simple and established numbing cream that can save both you and your client the hassle of an extra injection.


High-quality anaesthetic products at Fox Pharma

As a widely used and fast-acting numbing agent, LMX Cream is the perfect numbing cream to use pre-procedure for cosmetic injections across various areas of the body. Our extensive range of aesthetic supplies, such as our skin boosters and mesotherapy products, are all from market-leading brands. So, you can find everything you need for your clinic right here.


Buy LMX Cream

At Fox Pharma, we offer a wide variety of quality consumables and anaesthetics at fantastic prices to UK and European medical professionals. We have many essential items available, so register now to buy LMX cream today. If you need any further information or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.