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Easy and comfortable injection with Softfil cannulas

Softfil cannulas are used by leading aestheticians internationally for their inventive design, created for the comfort and safety of both physicians and patients. Their design allows an easy cannula insertion, precise product placement and optimal comfort for the patient. Softfil cannulas also ensure a smooth gliding inside the tissue and an appropriate rigidity of the microcannula to inject assuredly without any flexion.


Market-leading needles and cannulas

Here at Fox Pharma, we offer and promote only the highest quality aesthetic and cosmetic products. Softfil is a renowned brand and one of the market leaders in facial cosmetics. Softil’s needles and cannulas help to deliver optimum results for your patients whilst keeping them comfortable. Browse our collection of consumables and anaesthetics today.


Buy Softfil needles and cannulas at Fox Pharma

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