Buy TSK Cannulas

At Fox Pharma, not only can you purchase high-quality dermal fillers and skin boosters, but we also stock essential aesthetic consumables such as needles and cannulas. TSK’s range of needles and cannulas are high-quality accessories that feature their signature TSKiD™ technology for easier and more controlled injections. With consumables that are just as excellent as our range of cosmetic products, we have everything you need for your clinic in our range. Buy TSK aesthetic products online at Fox Pharma.

Durable TSK needles

The TSK Control Hub is a sharp needle developed with the TSKiD™ technology. This technology, in combination with the extremely hard polymer, helps to prevent “flexing”, leakage and needle “pop off”, when the dermal filler needle is exposed to high pressures.


TSK cannulas and needles with enlarged inner diameters

TSK cannulas have increased diameter space, meaning that the needed extrusion force is reduced by up to 49%. The TSK Control Hub also benefits from this convenient feature. With the TSKiD™ large needle barrel, the enlarged inner diameter of the needle allows for a smoother and more controlled filler injection. Additionally, both TSK cannulas and needles feature traditional designs for universal compatibility.


Buy TSK aesthetic products at Fox Pharma

At Fox Pharma, we offer a full range of market-leading consumables and anaesthetics to medical professionals in the UK and Europe. We have many essential items in our shop, so register now to pick up quality products at great prices. If you’d like to find out more about us or our range of TSK aesthetic products, contact us today.