Cosmeceuticals are a range of products containing bioactive ingredients, purported to offer medical benefits. Essentially, cosmeceuticals is a portmanteau word for products that combine the effects of both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Formulated with a variety of chemicals that offer renowned skin benefits, these specialised products offer effective and non-invasive solutions to address a broad array of skin concerns, as well as promote skin repair and revitalising effects. Discover the range and buy cosmeceuticals online at Fox Pharma today.

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  • Cosmeceuticals are products that act as both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They contain bioactive ingredients, purported to offer medical benefits.

  • Cosmeceuticals help treat unwanted blemishes, aid in the prevention and treatment of ageing skin, and refresh your appearance.

  • Cosmeceutical products contain bioactive ingredients that allow them to penetrate through the skin and affect its function and structure, whilst cosmetics do not.