Buy Aessoa Dermal Fillers

Buy dermal filler with Fox Pharma and explore our range of Aessoa filler products. Aessoa Dermal fillers are renowned for their versatile usability, making them especially popular with aestheticians. What makes Aessoa stand out against its competitors is its monophasic design, which combines smaller particle sizes with long-lasting effectiveness. Through high-density tapping technology, it increases viscoelasticity and can delay early degradation of the skin.

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Buy Aessoa dermal fillers and access a wealth of benefits, suited to a whole variety client needs. Whether patients are looking for fuller lips or are interested in facial contouring, Aessoa’s versatile range of dermal fillers with lidocaine is certain to provide effective results. One of the major benefits of using Aessoa fillers is their lasting impact on the skin, with effects visible for up to 18 months dependent on the Aessoa filler used.


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