Seventy Hyal 2000 Money Back Guarantee – Terms & Conditions

The following restrictions apply to products which specifically state they are covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee. Please read the following terms & conditions before making your purchase. Non-adherence of these conditions will void the guarantee.

    • Money back guarantees are valid on the first box of Seventy Hyal 2000 purchased by each individual customer.

    • All money back guarantees offered by Fox Group International are subject to a maximum period of 20 days, unless otherwise stated, from date of the final treatment. No refund claims outside of this period will be considered.

    • The product must be used on the same customer for 3 treatments, each 4 weeks apart (1 x 2ml syringe per treatment).

    • The final results will be visible 2 weeks after the final treatment.

    • To claim the refund, photos must be provided of before, and 2 weeks after each treatment with proof of date.

    • You must also provide us with as much detail as possible about how you used the product in question to the result. Please include the approximate number of injections, the protocol used and details of any unexpected results.

If you claim is approved, we will refund you the original price paid for the goods in the form of a voucher code to spend on a Fox Group website. The code will be provided via the email address associated with the website account.

We offer the money back guarantee at our cost in good will and fully expect our customers to take the time to provide us with the necessary feedback if claiming against the guarantee.

Fox Group are not responsible for any issues encountered with insurance providers. Seventy Hyal 2000 is insured by leading companies ‘Cosmetic Insure’ and ‘InSync’. For more information on insurance, please contact our customer service team.

We reserve the right to forfeit the guarantee if we suspect any abuse of our money back guarantee offer.
Thank you for taking the time to read the terms and conditions of our money back guarantee. We hope it demonstrates our confidence in the product ranges we stock and provides you with confidence to make a purchase.