Combination Treatments: Using Dermal Fillers with Other Treatments

By Florence Goulbourne

Can you mix different dermal fillers?

Mixing dermal fillers from different brands is a highly searched topic. Clients can be indecisive and are intrigued by the question of whether you can benefit from using multiple brands at the same time. The answer to this is a strong and clear NO. Different manufacturing processes result in different chemical structures that should not be mixed under the skin. However, there is a way to combine fillers and treatments for different parts of your face to enhance the outcome.
With different filler brands manufacturing different chemical formulas, every experienced practitioner will advise against the simultaneous use of different brands. Depending on the product, there should be at least 12 months between the injection of one brand and the switch to another. However, for people looking to benefit from more than one product and getting several parts of their face injected at once, there are ways of combining dermal filler treatments whilst utilising the strength of different fillers for different areas.

Safely combining dermal filler treatments

Brands like REVOLAX offer product ranges with a similar chemical formula, meaning that all fillers of the brand can be used for different areas of the face and are safe to be combined. In the case of REVOLAX, practitioners can choose between three products which cover all areas of the face and vary from a fine, to a denser viscosity. A trained practitioner will be able to assess the client’s face and choose the right product for each application area.

To give an example of what a combination treatment could look like, we head to Dr Mark Gorman’s clinic in London where the plastic surgeon and REVOLAX Ambassador performs non-surgical aesthetic procedures regularly. To give his client, Nisha, the best possible outcome, Dr Gorman injects her chin, jawline, cheeks, tear troughs and nose in one session and uses a variety of different REVOLAX products.

To sculpt and bring out facial features, REVOLAX Sub-Q is the best choice due to its high viscoelasticity and thick consistency. Areas like the tear troughs or superficial wrinkles like crow’s feet benefit from REVOLAX Fine’s thinner consistency and REVOLAX Deep is one of the most requested fillers for lip augmentations and moderate lines.

Combining two of these or even all three products enables a well-rounded outcome, meaning that the aesthetic result is generally more harmonised with the rest of the face. Mark Gorman’s patient Nisha loves the outcome of her combination treatment: ‘I absolutely love the results. It’s so much more than I expected.’

Another type of combination: mesotherapy and dermal fillers

For anyone looking for enhanced features and healthier, vitamin loaded skin, a popular combination of treatments is dermal fillers and mesotherapy injections. Both treatments complement each other and are injected into the skin by trained aestheticians. Unlike using a combination of REVOLAX fillers to enhance your appearance, mesotherapy and filler treatments cannot be performed at the same time. A trained aesthetician will be able to advise you on how much time should pass between the treatments.

While fillers enhance your features with the naturally occurring substance hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy aims to perfect your skin from the inside out by adding vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients directly into the skin.

Mesotherapy with products like FILLMED can result in glowing, healthier-looking skin which is a great addition to the newly enhanced facial features. The vitamin cocktail is injected directly into the skin which means it works quicker and is more effective than applied lotions or creams. Faces will benefit from both treatments differently and gain a naturally rejuvenated look without surgery.

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