In Conversation with Dr Motox: Dermal Filler Facial Masculinisation and Feminisation

By Florence Goulbourne

The process of facial masculinisation and feminisation is an aesthetic art that requires a sensitive approach and a careful balancing of the features. Fox Pharma discussed non-surgical approaches to gender-affirmation with REVOLAX key opinion leaders and aesthetics experts to discuss methodology and how to create a safe space for patients of all gender identities

‘There is increasing demand among transgender individuals for minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, such as injectable facial fillers and neurotoxins, for facial remodeling and transformation. These procedures may increase transgender individuals’ satisfaction with their appearance and allow them to more effectively harmonize their physical appearance with their perception of self’ (Koenraad De Boulle)

With an array of Drag Race stars on his client roster, celebrity aesthetics doctor Dr Motox has a wealth of experience and knowledge that allows his cisgender, transgender, and non-binary identifying patients to better align their identity and physical reflection. When it comes to patient consultations, transparency is key to fostering patient trust and setting realistic expectations. ‘Masculinisation and feminisation treatments require very different approaches’ says Dr Motox ‘The subject can be sensitive for some clients.  Being open and honest makes the process very easy. My clinic has a very open attitude and welcomes all clients which makes people feel comfortable. This makes my life and the clients goal much easier!’ The World Professional Association for Transgender Health concur that ‘Ensuring that patients have a realistic expectation of outcomes is important in achieving a result that will help alleviate their gender dysphoria’ when it comes to surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. ((WPATH))

‘Clinicians play an integral role in the transitioning process for transgender patients, and facial transformation is a key element of this process. When conducted with sensitivity and attention to individual patient goals at varying stages of transition, facial procedures can be of great benefit in enhancing patients’ self-perception and overall quality of life’ (Koenraad De Boulle)

Treatment Approaches

Following consultation, the process of harmonising and defining the features is highly individualised dependent on the client’s goal and existing facial structure. Full-face feminisation or masculinisation requires ‘in general, somewhere between 5-8ml of filler, followed by 6-9 monthly top ups of smaller amounts of filler to maintain the results’ says Motox.

Facial Feminisation:

Dr Motox believes that cheek, chin and lip filler offer the most impactful results when creating a feminine profile, alongside Botox to soften the appearance of harsh lines and create a subtle lifting effect. He argues ‘in feminisation we want to create high cheek bones than and rounded chin. This makes the upper face contoured and slims the lower face.’

Facial Masculinisation:

Non-surgical masculinisation is heavily focused on the lower face. Dermal filler treatments can help to create a more sculpted look and a stronger profile. Dr Jonny Betteridge MBBS of JBaesthetics highlighted the importance of jawline filler for cisgender male and male-identifying clients ‘Some men feel they lack definition and structure in their facial features, and facial masculinisation can help them gain confidence.’ Dr Motox also stressed the importance of the jawline when it comes to facial masculinisation: ‘The jawline and chin help to give structure and masculine look. This works by widening the corner of the jaw to create a more square front and side profile. The chin is made more angular for a more chiselled appearance.’ The cheeks are created lower to match the angles of the jaw, thus creating a more masculine appearance. Dr Motox offers a 5.5ml facial masculinisation dermal filler package that focuses on augmenting the jawline area.

Credit: @Dr.Motox

We asked the London and Bournemouth-based aesthetician to share his advice for transgender patients who are considering non-surgical facial feminisation or masculinisation with dermal filler. ‘Be prepared for a journey’ he says ‘To get the ultimate results that look natural. We must build and change shapes slowly. Initially we start with large amounts e.g., 5ml we then work on it over few months to slowly build the structure. This way the face can change without looking like you’ve had filler.’

On average, dermal filler results last between 6-9 months, depending on the patient’s metabolism and lifestyle REVOLAX Sub-Q offers superior longevity for areas such as the jawline, lasting for 12-18 months. Motox argues ‘it does last longer the more often the same area is treated’ therefore when aiming for full-face augmentation, it is easier to maintain and build on treatment results over time.

The process of facial feminisation and masculinisation requires patience and the eye of a highly-skilled aesthetics practitioner who is willing to truly understand the patient’s aims, setting realistic expectations to achieve harmonised results. Shop REVOLAX dermal filler on Fox Pharma.

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