Fat Dissolving: In Conversation with Dr Arturo Almeida

By Florence Goulbourne

As the aesthetics industry continues to expand, suppliers and manufacturers are constantly on the search for injectables to replicate the effects of what could only previously be achieved through surgical intervention. Fat dissolving injections are intended to help patients lose stubborn fat, these treatments are increasingly being opted for in place of liposuction, as the possibility of reducing unwanted fat pockets without surgery is an attractive prospect for qualifying patients. In this article, we explore fat dissolving as a minimally invasive method for targeted fat reduction and fat dissolving treatments such as Aqualyx, alongside the expertise of Consultant Surgeon and leading expert in the field of fat dissolving, Dr Arturo Almeida.

About Dr Arturo Almeida

Dr Arturo Almeida is a highly skilled and experienced Consultant Surgeon and Internationally Renowned Keynote Speaker. With an impressive portfolio of training, Dr Almeida is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Murcia, Spain and is also a leading expert in the field of fat dissolving.  As a full member of BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine), Dr Almeida has a passion for teaching and is the founder of Baarle Academy where he provides training for medical practitioners in aesthetic treatments for clinics and business owners. 

“To me, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that, with my words and by sharing my experience, I can help my students to grow. But education is always bidirectional. So, listening to my students and learning from them is key, so you never stop improving and tweaking, to make the next educational experience even more memorable. At the end of the day, all we want is to live a great experience”, says Almeida.  

In addition to his commendable skill set and vast experience, Dr Almeida completed a Level 7 Master’s Degree in Aesthetics and opened his first four clinics in Spain, where he mainly specialises in vein treatment, fat dissolving and minor, cosmetic surgery.  

Dr Arturo Almeida: Fat dissolving blog

What Are Fat Dissolvers?

More formally known as injection lipolysis, fat dissolving is a safe, non-surgical procedure intended to help reduce stubborn fat through targeted reduction. Having quickly gained traction as an alternative to surgical methods of reduction, fat dissolvers make for a suitable option for patients as they boast a quick injection process and minimal downtime. These injections can be administered to various parts of the body including pockets of fat around the chin, abdomen, arms, thighs, back and inner knee.  It’s also important to note that although these injections are effective in the reduction of stubborn fat and for body contouring, fat dissolvers are not a treatment for weight loss.  Although there are various products available for fat dissolving in the growing landscape of fat reduction methods, one of the preferred products by aestheticians across the board, including Dr Almeida, is Aqualyx.  

Dr Arturo Almeida is one of the most knowledgeable experts in Aqualyx around the globe. Refining his skill and technique, Dr Almeida has been proficient in using Aqualyx since 2008 and teaching Aqualyx to doctors and registered medical professionals in different countries, including the UK, since 2011. Since, he has been appointed by Marllor Biomedical s.r.l, the manufacturers of Aqualyx, as their Global Aqualyx Trainer and Medical Consultant, and he is also the official trainer of Aqualyx in the UK and Ireland.  

What Is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is a biocompatible and biodegradable injectable developed to dissolve fat cells in various areas of the body. The gel-based, aqueous solution works to break down and dissolve localised pockets of fat to eliminate stubborn fat.  

Aqualyx is typically opted for by patients who suffer from resistant pockets of fat that are difficult to banish, despite efforts of improving diet and exercise regimes. Plus, when a patient is treated with Aqualyx, the stubborn pockets of fat are unlikely to return as they will be permanently dissolved – providing that the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle post-treatment. Aqualyx works by liquefying the fat cells, destroying them permanently to allow the lipids to be expelled through the body’s lymphatic system.  

Dr Almeida is a strong advocate for the Aqualyx fat dissolving stating:

“I have always used Aqualyx as my choice of fat dissolving agent as it is one of the most well-known and established brands for this product line. Aqualyx has been in the market for over 15 years, and it quickly became one of the first brands available for the reduction of stubborn fat pockets. I trust Aqualyx as it has a high degree of satisfaction for both, the practitioner, and the patient. Also, this fat-dissolving injection has a low percentage of side effects and an even lower percentage of serious side effects. What makes Aqualyx such an amazing product is its unique formulation, where DCA is delivered as a sodium salt and encased in agarose and galactose, which provides a high degree of efficacy and safety. Also, because Aqualyx has been in the industry for such a long time, there’s an extensive list of scientific data to support Aqualyx’s claims – with injectables, I think it’s really important to look at the product based on the science and not just it’s shininess, in a sense.”  

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Are There Any Side Effects with Aqualyx?

With Aqualyx, as with most injectable treatments, side effects can entirely depend on the treated area and the patient. Although not every patient will experience major side effects, redness and swelling are common reactions of most injectables and the same can be applied to fat dissolving injections. However, in this scenario, Arturo explains “the main side effect of Aqualyx is swelling which in my opinion, shouldn’t necessarily be classed as a side effect. Swelling simply tells both, the patient, and the practitioner, that you are effectively destroying the fat cell which is the ultimate purpose of fat dissolving. It is just the natural consequence of destroying fat tissue.”  

After injection, the area may also feel somewhat sensitive and tender, and patients may experience mild bruising that will subside within a few days if the treatment is carried out correctly.  Further exploring the potential side effects of Aqualyx, Mr Almeida alludes to other possible reactions including inflammatory nodules which up to  20% of patients may experience. However, these nodules typically disappear without any further treatment to the area. These side effects aren’t generally dangerous to the patient and should subside within a few  days. However, there are certain side effects that should be considered with urgency: “when practitioners don’t use Aqualyx properly, patients may face  the risks of infection, nodules that stand for 3-6 months and skin necrosis”.  

When further questioned on the safety of Aqualyx, Mr Almeida explained: “when Aqualyx is properly used, on the right patient and using the right technique, it is a very safe and effective product. This has been proven during all these years that Aqualyx has been in the market, being now present in almost 60 countries, and growing. The problem comes when the practitioner using Aqualyx has not been properly trained by a certified provider. Then is when unwanted side effects may arise.”  

Practitioners must have a tailored skillset to treat patients with Aqualyx to  minimise the risk of side effects and potential complications. Mr Almeida reinforces the importance of training with a suitable skilled medical professional to carry out such treatments.

How Many Aqualyx Treatments Are Needed?

Depending on the treated area, it is recommended that a patient has 2-4 treatments to fully dissolve the localised fat to achieve the desired effects. Follow-up treatment may be required depending on the size of the area which is recommended 3-6 weeks apart. 

The Takeaway

Fat dissolving injections are generally an efficacious and simple solution to help reduce isolated and stubborn fat if administered correctly by a trained and qualified practitioner. Aqualyx makes for the perfect option for fat dissolving as it is a versatile injectable suitable for an array of patients. It also has a portfolio of successful treatments with impressive results to support its list of claims.  

 If you’re a practitioner interested in offering Aqualyx in your clinic, Dr Almeida recommends taking the following steps for training: 

“If you’re a trained practitioner interested in offering Aqualyx to your patients, I would always recommend training with a qualified Aqualyx trainer with experience working with the product. Although there are various trainers within the UK offering Aqualyx training, it’s crucial that you do your research as many offer training without the correct license or skills. When training, you want to guarantee that your trainer is teaching you the correct technique, intralipotherapy for example and that they have enough knowledge of the product and its treatment.” 

 Dr Almeida offers an Aqualyx training course for practitioners interested in learning the correct techniques for this fat dissolving injectable with the manufacturers of Aqualyx even adding “this is the best and most comprehensive course on Aqualyx currently available. For more on Dr Arturo Almeida and his work, visit his website on https://arturoalmeida.com/ or at his Instagram, @dr.arturo.almeida where he always shares industry-leading advice.

Alternatively, trainer practitioners can purchase Aqualyx at Fox Pharma.

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