Jalupro Super Hydro vs Profhilo

By Florence Goulbourne

Skin boosters such as Seventy Hyal 2000Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo, are highly effective in rejuvenating the skin beyond just its surface. Known for their ease of use and quick treatment time, these skin boosters have recently seen a surge in popularity due to their ability to deliver radiant and long-lasting results, especially for newcomers to the market, like Seventy Hyal.

However, for trained practitioners who offer skin boosters in their clinics, the plethora of options and new advancements can make choosing the best skin booster more complex. Despite the positive advancements of skin boosters in the industry, selecting the most appropriate one for your patient roster can pose a challenge.

Seventy Hyal 2000, Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo are widely recognised as three of the market’s most trusted and effective skin boosters. With a proven track record of delivering great results and a history of transformative results, these products have become a staple in many clinics.

But what is the difference between the three and could there be a more suitable alternative for your patient roster?

What Is Seventy Hyal 2000?

The latest addition to the skin booster category, out of the three is Seventy Hyal 2000. Hailed as the Next Generation Skin Booster, Seventy Hyal was brought to the market exclusively by Fox in 2022 and has since become a clinic staple for many.

Seventy Hyal 2000- Fox Pharma's Best Seller's Blog
Seventy Hyal 2000- Fox Pharma’s Best Seller’s Blog

What Is Jalupro Super Hydro?

Developed by renowned biotechnology company, Professional Derma, Jalupro Super Hydro is a supercharged skin booster intended to restore vitality to the skin.

Formulated with a precise preparation of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and peptides, Jalupro Super Hydro has been formulated to regenerate the skin on a deeper level for hydrated and fresher-looking skin.

In addition to providing a boost of moisture to the deeper layers of the skin, Jalupro Super Hydro also encourages collagen stimulation to help refine the appearance of wrinkles and subtly restore lost volume in the face. Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body that plays an essential role in the structure and function of the skin, intended to help maintain firmness and elasticity.

Aside from the injectable’s bio-revitalisation benefits, Jalupro Super Hydro is a versatile treatment that can be utilised to rejuvenate the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

What Is Profhilo?

Similar to Jalupro Super Hydro, Profhilo is a cutting-edge skin booster introduced to the market by multinational pharmaceutical leaders, IBSA. Dubbed a revolutionary skin-remodelling solution, Profhilo works to hydrate and firm the skin, restoring its youthful appearance and radiance.

Intended to help patients put their best face forward, Profhilo is a popular skin solution developed with the hero ingredient, hyaluronic acid (HA). Containing 64mg of pure HA, Profhilo claims to remodel multi-layer skin tissue by deeply nourishing the skin from the inside out.

In addition to moisturising the skin, Profhilo also promotes the body’s natural healing process by stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin – also known as neocollagenisis. Like its competitor, Jalupro Super Hydro, Profhilo provides an enhanced rejuvenation experience for patients seeking a solution for lax skin.

Profhilo has been hailed by global skincare enthusiasts and celebrities due to its anti-ageing advantages. The injectable also preserves and encourages the viability of adipocytes that affect the quality of adipose tissue.

Shop Profhilo H+L (1 x 2ml) - Fox Pharma
Shop Profhilo – Fox Pharma

What’s The Difference Between Seventy Hyal 2000, Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo?

Both Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo are impressive skin rejuvenation treatments that boast a range of distinctive features, making them appealing in their own right.

However, with some stark differences between the two, it’s up to practitioners, when debating Seventy Hyal 2000 vs Jalupro Super Hydro vs Profhilo, to decide which skin booster is best suited for their client’s aims. Some differences include:

1: The Hyaluronic Acid Concentration:

With a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid, Jalupro Super Hydro boasts a more potent formula than its counterpart. Packed with 80mg of two different molecular sizes of HA, it exceeds Profhilo’s concentration of 64mg, providing a more intense hydration experience.

2: The Ingredients:

Aside from the different concentrations of hyaluronic acid, the formulations of both skin boosters also differ. Unique ingredients of the two include:

Composition of Jalupro Super Hydro

  • 80mg hyaluronic acid (HA LMW + HMW)
  • 3 Peptides: Acetyl Decapeptide 3, Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5, Oligopeptide 24
  • 7 Amino acids: Glycine, Proline, Lysine, Alanine, Valine, Elastin, Arginine, Leucine

Composition of Profhilo

  • 64mg pure hyaluronic acid

As listed above, Jalupro contains more skin-loving ingredients that help to enhance the skin from the inside out. Aside from its primary ingredient, hyaluronic acid, Jalupro also includes the likes of peptides and amino acids unlike its counterpart, Profhilo.

Profhilo’s main advantage is its pure hyaluronic acid content. As a powerhouse ingredient, hyaluronic acid is amazing for retaining skin moisture and hydrating the deeper skin tissues. Although Profhilo has an impressive hyaluronic acid measure of 64mg, Jalupro Super Hydro’s hyaluronic formulation sits at 80mg – making it one of the most powerful bio-revitalisers for severely dehydrated skin.

3: Price Point

Practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine are often cautious about the cost of their products and the services they offer to clients. This is because the prices of these products and services play a crucial role in determining their profitability and competitiveness in the market.

When comparing Jalupro Super Hydro vs Profhilo, it is important to note that Jalupro Super Hydro is generally more affordable for a practitioner. This could be a factor to consider for practitioners who are looking for cost-effective solutions for their clients.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the lower cost of Jalupro Super Hydro should not be the only deciding factor. Practitioners should also consider factors such as the effectiveness and safety of the products, as well as their client’s specific needs and preferences.

Ultimately, the best product will depend on the individual situation and should be determined through careful evaluation and consultation.

The Summary

Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo are both popular products in the field of aesthetic medicine. In a debate between the two, Jalupro Super Hydro vs Profhilo, the following key points might be considered:

Cost: Jalupro Super Hydro is generally more affordable than Profhilo, which could be a deciding factor for some practitioners and their clients.

Effectiveness: Both products have been proven to be effective in treating skin ageing, but some might argue that Profhilo is more effective due to its unique composition and formulation.

Safety: Both Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo are considered safe products when used by a trained professional. However, some might argue that one is safer than the other based on its individual ingredients and side effect profiles.

Ease of use: Depending on the practitioner’s experience and training, one product might be easier to use than the other. For example, some practitioners might find Jalupro Super Hydro easier to inject due to its consistency, while others might prefer the ease of use of Profhilo.

Patient preference: Ultimately, the best product for a particular patient will depend on their individual needs and preferences. Some patients might prefer the affordability of Jalupro, while others might be more interested in the more advanced technology of Profhilo.

In summary, both Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and the best product for a particular patient will depend on a variety of factors.

Aside from Jalupro Super Hydro and Profhilo, there are a plethora of skin boosters available for practitioners and their patients – including Seventy Hyal 2000. With one of the highest molecular weights of hyaluronic acid on the market (2000Kda) and impressive bio-stimulatory properties, Seventy Hyal 2000 has been labelled as The Next Generation Skin Booster for its transformative results.

Learn more about Seventy Hyal 2000 in our blog here or shop all skin boosters available at Fox Pharma here.

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