The Grid Technique for Skin Booster Injection

By Florence Goulbourne

When it comes to injecting skin boosters, the grid technique has been steadily rising in popularity, due to its ability to adapt to a range of treatment areas. Fox explores the benefits of the grid technique vs the BAP technique to help you decide on the best treatment approach for your clients.

The Grid Technique

What is the Micro-Puncture Grid Technique?

While the BAP technique targets five bio-receptive injection points to promote skin booster diffusion (read more here), the micro-bolus grid technique involves mapping the treatment area with a grid, whereby each section is 1cm2. Tiny volite injections are then injected into each square of the grid, typically one injection per square.

Rebecca Aspinall, Director of Aspinall Aesthetics Ltd and Aspinall Aesthetics Training Academy explains, ‘This involves injecting very small amounts of Seventy Hyal 2000 around 0.05ml to 0.1ml into the mid dermis, about 1- 2cm apart. Once injected, the gel flows smoothly and distributes evenly in the skin.’

Which Treatment Areas Best Suit This Technique?

Larger areas of the face such as the cheeks are best-suited for injection using the grid technique. This approach also works well if you are treating other areas using Seventy Hyal 2000 such as the neck or hands. However, we would not recommend this technique for more delicate areas such as the nasolabial folds.

Seventy Hyal Trainer Kirsten Horsfield warns, ‘Superficial micro-bolus injections under the eye aren’t recommended with Seventy Hyal, as the product has a high molecular weight, so the ‘blebs’ will remain visible for quite a while and fluid is likely to accumulate in the superficial tissues,’ thus leading to swelling and a prolonged recovery. Practitioners must therefore use this approach selectively to maintain a safe treatment with minimal downtime.

Grid Technique on some ones cheek
Grid Technique

Benefits of the Grid Technique for Skin Booster Injection:

‘When administering Seventy Hyal 2000 via this method, the results are visible almost immediately, with improvements after every treatment,’ Rebecca says, ‘because of its high molecular structure, it sits higher in the dermis and provides intense hydration which is perfect for younger clients who are looking for an instant, pre party glow.’

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Micro-Puncture Grid Technique vs BAP Technique which works best?

Both methods of injection offer great results, with an improvement in hydration and visible luminosity. The BAP technique is often the preferred treatment approach for mature skin, as Rebecca explains, ‘The grid method can add volume to pre-jowl area which in turn, adds to the weight on the jowl, thus causing unflattering results.’ However, for younger clients, the micro puncture grid technique can often produce more immediate results, while working to further stimulate the skin for longer-lasting benefits.

Due to the number of micro-puncture injections, the technique helps to stimulate the skin’s natural reparative function while increasing fibroblast activity, which in turn, supports the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Rebecca says, ‘With the addition of Seventy Hyal 2000 which improves skin hydration, plus the added effects of cell fibroblast the skin, clients will notice a vast improvement in tone, texture, and overall luminosity of the skin.’

The Dual Plane Technique Explained

This technique allows product to be injected into multiple layers of the skin, when combined with the grid method. Practitioner Stevie Osborn of SO AESTHETICS UK advises to inject retrograde threads when withdrawing the needle, in order to deposit product into the superficial fat layer, alongside the superficial and deeper dermis for optimal results.

Video credit: @so.aestheticsuk.

Both the BAP technique and the grid method offer excellent results for skin booster injection. Depending on the clients age, goals and skin type, you may opt to use one technique over the other, following initial consultation.

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