The ‘Low vs High Visual Weight Face’ Tik-Tok Trend Explained

By Erin Murphy

If, like us, you like to spend your evenings doom-scrolling on Tik-Tok, you’re bound to have seen low vs high visual weight makeup looks, with creators advising the best aesthetic for your features. Over recent years, beauty, makeup, and other aesthetic trends have seemingly become more evidence-based than ever before, with people flocking to find out what scientifically works best for them. And, the low vs high visual weight face trend is no exception.

Tik-Tok creators typically describe how someone with a high visual weight (think Angelina Jolie) has the facial structure for bolder makeup looks, whilst someone with a low visual weight (like Hailey Bieber) is more suited to a natural no-makeup makeup look. But, what’s your face’s visual weight and how exactly do you figure it out? This blog will explain the viral high vs low visual weight trend and how you can help your clients achieve their desired visual weight and aesthetic with cosmetic treatments – most notably dermal fillers.

What Does a Low vs High Visual Weight Face Mean?

The visual weight of a person’s face refers to the size and prominence of their features in comparison to the size of their face. There are three main points to consider when looking at visual weight – the prominence of their bone structure, the prominence of their facial features, and the volume of their features, combined, these factors can determine whether a person has a high or low visual weight.

A person is considered to have a high visual weight if they have big features and a small face. This trend suggests that this type of face can more easily pull off bolder, brighter, and more full-coverage makeup looks. Many describe this balance of features as strong and powerful, giving off ‘girl boss’ energy. It may be that a high visual weight face has large, striking eyes or a more three-dimensional side profile, with their features being big in comparison to the size of their face.

Meanwhile, small features and a large face equals a low visual weight, with proportions being more suited to light, natural makeup. Selena Gomez is a great example of knowing what makeup works for a low visual weight face. She takes a natural approach to her looks, not having anything too heavy that will focus the attention on one area, instead opting for a more balanced result. A low visual weight goes hand in hand with a ‘clean girl aesthetic’ and benefits from a less is more approach.

This just leaves the question of how to know whether you or your clients have a high or low visual weight. This can be done simply by studying the face to determine an individual’s proportions, which becomes easier over time, however, you can also find filters on Tik-Tok that may be of most help.

Helping Your Clients Achieve Their Desired Visual Weight

Due to the popularity of the low vs high visual weight face trend, many people are naturally eager to achieve their desired visual weight. This is where aesthetic practitioners can help their clients bring the perfect balance to their features and create more structure and volume.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to add more definition to the face and accentuate smaller features. Made with hyaluronic acid (HA), dermal fillers lift and add volume to the injection site, creating a plumper appearance and filling in fine lines and wrinkles. 

Qualified practitioners can buy REVOLAX online at Fox Pharma. Our exclusive, industry-leading, injectable harnesses the latest advancements in dermal filler technology to ensure your clients achieve incredible results. This makes REVOLAX the ideal choice for those looking to sculpt their face, add volume, and reach a higher visual weight look. The complete REVOLAX range features three products of different viscosities, each suited to different treatments and injection points on the face.

REVOLAX new box full Lidocaine range

Skin Boosters and Polynucleotides

Whilst dermal fillers are the primary way of helping your clients achieve their desired visual weight, skin boosters and polynucleotides are the perfect treatments for clients looking to embrace and lean into their low visual weight faces. As expert creators advise that people with a low visual weight take a less-is-more approach to their makeup routines, skin-boosting treatments that emphasise quality over volume are an incredible way to leave your clients with a perfect, glowing, even, clean girl complexion.

Skin boosters like Seventy Hyal 2000 and polynucleotides like VITARAN work to rejuvenate your client’s skin, by using hyaluronic acid (HA) to improve hydration from the inside out – leaving them with an unmatched glow and flawless skin tone.

Low vs High Visual Weight Face Explained

The Tik-Tok low vs high visual weight face trend highlights the importance of understanding your, or your client’s, facial structure to inform which aesthetics will best suit your face. Dermal fillers offer a versatile solution for enhancing specific areas of the face to achieve a high visual weight aesthetic, whilst skin-boosting treatments are a fantastic choice for those ready to embrace a low visual weight look. Offering dermal fillers to your clients is a great way to diversify your offerings and welcome more customers to your clinic.

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