By Florence Goulbourne

Are you familiar with REVOLAX, The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler? With a plethora of dermal fillers and a diverse selection available to practitioners and patients, the ever-expanding landscape of aesthetic medicine leaves many wondering which is the best dermal filler on the market. It can be difficult to differentiate between them, especially when it comes to deciding which injectable is right for yourself, and your client. Although ‘the best dermal filler’ is subjective for each practitioner, the choice is dependent on a host of characteristics including: longevity, the ease of injection, results, formulation and also price point.

A range of factors contribute to making a dermal filler dependable, high-quality, and premium and seemingly, REVOLAX ticks all the boxes. With countless units sold nationwide, it’s to no surprise why REVOLAX has been named the Nation’s Number 1 Dermal Filler. 

Is REVOLAX the dermal filler for you?


According to data taken from a clinical trial, REVOLAX has been clinically proven to perform better for anti-wrinkle treatments in comparison to other leading brands. This is due to REVOLAX’s structure providing a long-lasting result with a low migration percentage. This dermal filler has been found to have the most stable extrusion force during injection when compared to 4 other popular filler brands*. Originally developed in the cosmetic capital of the world, South Korea, this injectable is a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler that has quickly taken the aesthetics industry by storm. Boasting an impressive ingredients list, REVOLAX is comprised of a regular and dense monophasic structure. This makes the gel product stable and consistent. The consistency of the pattern allows for naturally harmonised volume, smooth injection and promotes a stronger support system within the skin structure.  

Moreover, ithas unique cross-linking technology that does not require free hyaluronic acid (HA) to adjust the physical property of its gel formula. This dermal filler also uses non-animal based HA with high purity and is a completely natural substance optimised to synchronise with human skin tissue. Another benefit of REVOLAX is the dermal filler’s malleable consistency. The malleable consistency aids in creating immediate and long-lasting volume within the injected area. This also allows the product to break down evenly, resulting in a natural finish.  

In addition to this, REVOLAX is a Class III, CE marked medical device meaning it is legal to use in the UK as it meets all stringent safety tests. 

With all the above in mind, REVOLAX has gained momentum in becoming one of the leading dermal filler brands globally. Besides the array of promising attributes, REVOLAX has surpassed quality standards and independent scientific trial data. After being thoroughly tested and undergoing several dialysis procedures to meet ISO standards, REVOLAX strives to maintain the same high quality as its market-leading competitors.  This further supports claims that this brand holds title for The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler.

Introducing The REVOLAX Range:

The REVOLAX range proves as a go-to for many practitioners and patients for a multitude of reasons. This dermal filler range is a non-animal, cross-linked, soft tissue filler formulated with the highest quality hyaluronic acid (HA). Furthermore, this specialised dermal filler has a low percentage of product migration meaning that once injected, the product is more likely to stay close to the injection site with precision and accuracy. REVOLAX is an incredible dermal filler that works by adding volume to facial tissue, working to improve wrinkles and folds whilst restoring a smooth appearance to the face.

In the REVOLAX range, there are three dermal fillers formulated for different purpose: REVOLAX FineDeep and Sub-Q.

REVOLAX Fine is the most lightweight dermal filler within the REVOLAX range. Treatment areas include superficial lines, crow’s feet, glabellar lines and neck wrinkles. REVOLAX Deep is a thicker and longer-lasting gel used for nasolabial folds and augmentation of the cheeks, chin and lips. REVOLAX Sub-Q is the thickest gel within the dermal filler range. Best suited for the cheek, chin, nose and jawline, REVOLAX Sub-Q structures and moulds for deep to extremely severe wrinkles.

For more on the REVOLAX range, see our product information page here.


A frequently asked question that patients ask is whether dermal fillers are safe and similarly, is REVOLAX safe? Since earning the title of The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler, REVOLAX has been highlighted as one of the industry’s most renowned brands and with safety being at the forefront of practitioners conduct, many ask the question, is REVOLAX safe?

In terms of regulation, REVOLAX has undertaken the same tests and procedures as other favourited dermal filler brands on the market. Class III and a CE marked medical device means it is legal to use in the UK as it meets all stringent safety tests and further amplifying the safety of REVOLAX. Moreover, as it is formulated with a specialised formula of hyaluronic acid (HA) and due to its high purity, there is minimal risk of the body rejecting this product; thus equating to a reduced risk of reactions, and the safest use for both practitioners and patients. Despite all dermal fillers, exhibiting common side effects such as swelling and bruising post treatment, these side effects are usually minimised within a week and are not a serious complication.

Leading Surgeon and REVOLAX Ambassador Dr Mark Gorman gave his opinion on the safety of REVOLAX stating “the risk of REVOLAX really is based upon the technique of the practitioner. If the product is injected too deep in an area that should be superficial or vice versa and the practitioner is not aware of the anatomy of the face – this could provide an issue.”

In addition to providing further evidence for the safety of REVOLAX, Dr Gorman also alludes to the importance of holding the correct skill and technique. This is one of the main reasons why we urge all clients considering dermal fillers to opt for a trained practitioner, with the correct training and documents of proof, to carry out the procedure.  

Is REVOLAX A Good Lip Filler?

Due to REVOLAX’s diverse range of Fine, Deep and Sub-Q – the dermal filler brand provides a versatile selection to cater to different areas. REVOLAX Deep proves as the perfect option for lip filler, more formally known as lip augmentation, due to its thicker and longer-lasting gel formulation. Furthermore, REVOLAX dermal filler is a durable product to work with as it holds its shape well however, it is still easily manipulated if needed and maintains normal movement to the area – perfect for the lips. Results from REVOLAX Deep, in general, will last 12-18 months due to the high durability of the product. Reports show that REVOLAX Deep is a perfect option for lip filler due to the natural and smooth finish with added longevity. Clients have also commented on REVOLAX’s ability to reabsorb back into the body over time, describing it as even and uniform. Overall, considering the affordability of REVOLAX dermal fillers, it makes a convincing choice for lip filler treatments.

Why Is It Better Than Other Dermal Fillers? 

So, what makes REVOLAX a favourable dermal filler brand? With the ever-growing dermal filler industry, the current market offers dozens of quality fillers that could easily become your go-to. There are few brands that are competitive to REVOLAX in terms of composition, effects, safety, skin-tissue longevity and especially REVOLAX’s main advantage – price point.  Celebrity Surgeon and REVOLAX Key Opinion Leader, Dr Motox highlighted why he favoured REVOLAX in comparison to other dermal filler brands: 

“In comparison to other dermal fillers – the longevity of results after using REVOLAX tend to last a lot longer which is beneficial for both me and my clients. Furthermore, when using REVOLAX dermal filler, little to no migration occurs with this product. Another amazing characteristic which again, benefits me and my clients. REVOLAX as a dermal filler is also backed by a substantial amount of clinic research. Plus, it has a market-leading safety profile which is also an advantage.”  

In addition to Dr Mo’s research, REVOLAX proudly boasts an affordable price point where quality is not compromised. As Fox Group brands, including Fox Pharma and Fox Clinic Wholesale, are the official UK rightsholders of REVOLAX, the dermal filler range of products are directly obtained from the manufacturer. This means that there are no ‘intermediaries’ involved in the import of the product. This also means that there are no increased prices and no additional costs. At Fox, REVOLAX comes straight from the manufacturer to our distribution centre and therefore, costs are saved. This, therefore, allows us to sell REVOLAX at the same low prices that we can acquire them at.  Moreover, a lower price tag does not mean we skimp on quality. REVOLAX products continue to boast a higher standard than other cosmetic competitors however, we simply cut the middle steps out. This also allows us to ensure that all our products are at Fox standard including a CE mark on the packaging. Instead of raising the prices for profit, REVOLAX UK passes the savings on to the customers, which means you can access the high-quality products at the lowest cost possible. Moreover, REVOLAX can only be purchased from Fox Group as they hold the only UK rights to sell and distribute REVOLAX. 

Client Reviews 

We spoke to reputable aestheticians who choose REVOLAX as their go-to dermal filler brand for honest reviews on the product. 

This revolutionary product has made fillers financially more realistic to more people. Every individual deserves to feel confident in their appearance and with so many products and technicians costing way beyond what they should, this filler offers its superb quality at reasonable prices = more happy, confident and rejuvenated people.” – Samantha J. 

I love the results I get from REVOLAX! Long-lasting and the perfect fille, 5*! I would never use anything else on my clients. I was trained in REVOLAX, and I use it on myself and on my clients. It is taking the filler world by storm! I will always use this brand and I would always recommend it to everyone over every other dermal filler. What an amazing product! – Zarah S. 

“REVOLAX is a very gentle dermal filler at a reasonable price that the specialist can afford thereby, making the service they offer more affordable to their clients. It lasts as long as the other more expensive fillers and is exceptionally soft so when injected it does not go lumpy, therefore, there is less massaging to do and so gentler on the client.” – Tina M. 

“My clients and I are loving this dermal filler, smooth finish and easy to work with. Being able to pass on the savings to clients is great as well. It can be such an expensive habit to look fabulous, REVOLAX lets you look fab, full and smooth affordably” – Samantha S. 

 “Deep is always my go-to product! It gives the best results every time and is so versatile to use in different areas and gives the best results time after time. Everyone I have used this on has commented on how much they prefer the results and longevity of the product. I love it for creating beautiful plump pouts and always giving nice smooth results.” – Dean H 


Affordability and high-quality products underpin the essence of this brand – making the dermal filler more accessible to medical professionals whilst never compromising on quality. Fox Group companies, including Fox Pharma, Fox Clinic Wholesale are the official UK rightsholder of REVOLAX. Plus, the dermal filler range of products is directly obtained from the manufacturer which means no intermediaries, no increased prices, and no additional costs. 

To summarise, REVOLAX makes for the perfect dermal filler option due to the range of products and the overall versatility. Whatever your aesthetic concern, this dermal filler can provide a solution. Shop REVOLAX exclusively at Fox Pharma.

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