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Emla 5g is a numbing cream that contains two active substances, lidocaine and prilocaine, which are known as local anaesthetics. Together these ingredients create a numbing effect. When applied to clean skin, the product will numb the skin for a short time. This numbing cream can be used to ease the pain of procedures that use needles, such as dermal filler and skin booster applications. The pain caused by procedures using needles will not be felt, however, clients may still experience slight feelings of pressure and sensitivity.

Emla 5g takes around one hour to take effect after it has been applied to the chosen area of the skin.

Features of Emla 5g Numbing Cream

  • Apply 60 minutes before the procedure to achieve the numbing effect.
  • Temporarily numbs the skin and stops pain.
  • Use for procedures that use needles, including injections.

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