Juvederm Ultra 2 2 x 0.55ml

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Juvéderm Ultra 2 dermal filler can subtly smooth out lines around the eyes, and can also be used to enhance the contour of the lips for a fuller smile. This Juvéderm filler’s hyaluronic acid formulation is designed for smaller, shallower lines. This makes it a good choice for providing treatment close to the surface of the skin, rather than for deeper in-fill work.

Please be aware that Juvéderm packaging may state ‘Supplied for Italy’. Please be assured that this is an authentic product from the manufacturer and the product is to be used as normal.

Any use of Juvéderm in the under-eye area is to be performed by specialists specifically trained in this technique, who have a sound knowledge of the physiology of the area.


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Key Features:

  • Suitable for minor corrections to uneven skin
  • Subtly smoothes out lines around the eyes and moderate lines on the face
  • Enhances the contour of the lips for a fuller smile
  • Gentle smoothing effect providing natural-looking results, even at shallow depths
  • Natural, biodegradable gel
  • Includes lidocaine - More than four in five recipients experience no significant discomfort during the application


Treatment Areas:

  • Fine lines around the mouth
  • Lips
  • Corners of the eyes



  • 24 mg/ml hyaluronic acid
  • Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 q.s
  • 0.3% lidocaine


Box Contents:

  • 2 x 0.55 ml syringes
  • 2 x 30G ½ needles

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