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Juvederm ULTRA 2 is supplied in a single 0.55 ml Dermal Filler syringe and is suitable for minor corrections to uneven skin and moderate lines on the face. This Dermal Filler includes subtly smoothing out lines around the eyes, and can also be used to enhance the contour of the lips for a fuller smile.

Its hyaluronic acid formulation Juvederm Dermal Filler is designed for smaller, shallower lines, making it a good choice for treatment close to the surface of the skin, rather than for deeper in-fill work.

Juvederm ULTRA 2's gentle smoothing effect delivers natural-looking results even when used at very shallow depths and will maintain the skin's more youthful appearance over the course of many months.

With added Lidocaine for comfort throughout the procedure, more than four in five recipients experience no significant discomfort during application, and topical anaesthetics can also be used if desired.

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