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Juvederm VOLIFT with Lidocaine is one of the more recent Dermal Fillers to the Juvederm product line, with a hyaluronic acid formula to immediately fill in deep nasolabial folds in the area above the mouth and around the nose.

Its long-lasting formula is capable of sustaining results for up to 15 months, although its precise longevity will depend on how active the individual is in terms of speaking, eating and so on.

Juvederm works on the same basis as skin moisturisers with hyaluronic acid, but by injecting it into the affected areas, it can be delivered at the depth where the skin's own moisture should be.

With the gentle anaesthetic effects of the Lidocaine, the procedure is made as comfortable as possible, while Juvederm's own formulation is designed to create a subtle and natural-looking finish.

Juvederm VOLIFT Dermal Filler is supplied in a single 1.0 ml syringe ready for application on moderate to deep nasolabial folds.

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