This peel is ideal for rejuvenating and regenerating the skin. Suited for superficial peeling and may be used as a “first-time” treatment for most people as it covers a wide variety of skin conditions and concerns.


Formulated with a powerful blend containing Salicylic and Lactic acid to give ultimate skin rejuvenation.

SKINPROJECT EYE pink tube on a purple background NANOPEEL EYE

Completely unique to the chemical peel market and has a specialised exfoliating effect that causes increased skin flaking and cell replacement for a rejuvenated result and flawless under-eye.

4 simple steps to brighter skin


Clinically-backed SKINPROJECT is all about breaking barriers and restoring radiance. This revolutionary line of chemical peels utilises ground-breaking nanotechnology, reaching skin depths unmatched by other peels on the market. The SKINPROJECT range takes advantage of innovative thixotropic technology, ensuring you achieve a smooth coverage and enhancing the peels’ contact time with the skin for maximum results from active ingredients.



87% of patients agree that their skin feels revived and 91% of patients agree that their skin looks radiant”

82% of patients agree that their skin now has a radiant glow”