Is REVOLAX Sub-Q Good?

By Florence Goulbourne

The REVOLAX range is highly acclaimed as The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler amongst both patients and practitioners nationwide, and for good reason!

Developed with high-quality hyaluronic acid (HA), REVOLAX is a non-animal, cross-linked collection of dermal fillers designed to restore lost volume and create a plump, youthful look for patients.

The range comprises three different fillers – REVOLAX Fine, Deep, and Sub-Q, with the thickest variant in the series gaining popularity among both patients and practitioners due to its endless benefits.

REVOLAX Sub-Q is particularly favoured for its excellent moulding capabilities, and as a result, we have noticed a significant increase in queries about its effectiveness, such as ‘Is REVOLAX Sub-Q good?.

What Is REVOLAX Sub-Q?

As the popularity of the REVOLAX range continues to soar, more queries have begun to emerge for queries such as ‘what is REVOLAX Sub-Q’ and ‘is REVOLAX Sub-Q good?’.

However, REVOLAX Sub-Q, offers an array of benefits that may not be immediately apparent to new users that we’re here to reveal in our comprehensive guide.

REVOLAX Sub-Q makes up a third of the REVOLAX dermal filler range and is the thickest and most viscous filler of the three. Formulated with high-quality hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 24mg/ml, REVOLAX Sub-Q is non-animal based, biodegradable, and cross-linked, making it an ideal product to add to your clinic’s offerings.

Can You Use REVOLAX Sub-Q In the Lips?

Due to the viscidity of the formula, it is not advised for REVOLAX Sub-Q to be used in the lips. Viscous dermal fillers, like REVOLAX Sub-Q, are intended to be used for volumising and contouring in areas that require subcutaneous injection, such as the cheeks, chin, jawline, and the nose. However, they are not recommended for use in the lips because they can cause a range of unwanted side effects for the patient.

For example, using a highly viscous dermal filler in the lips can create a somewhat unnatural appearance – something most patients typically want to avoid.

This is because the filler is too thick to flow naturally within the delicate tissue of the lips, especially in the case of thinner and more mature lips. This can result in an overfilled appearance, where the lips look unnaturally plump and swollen.

Secondly, the thicker consistency of a viscous filler can cause lumps and bumps to form under the surface of the lips, leading to an uneven texture that can be both visible and palpable for the patient. This can lead to discomfort and may require corrective treatments, such as dermal filler dissolving with Hyaluronidase, to fix.

Finally, viscous dermal fillers have a higher risk of causing complications such as inflammation, infection, and vascular occlusions, which can lead to other serious complications, such as necrosis.

How Long Does REVOLAX Sub-Q Last?

For those considering ‘is REVOLAX sub-Q good?’, longevity is an important factor for both, practitioners and their patients.

REVOLAX Sub-Q’s thick formula is its unique selling proposition, allowing it to maintain its position once it is injected. The thick formulation helps to mould and maintain the structure of the injected area, resulting in long-lasting effects that can span from 12-18 months or even longer.

In comparison to most dermal fillers on the market, REVOLAX Sub-Q is known for its impressive longevity, making it an attractive choice for individuals looking for sustained results. If you’re new to REVOLAX Sub-Q and you’re questioning ‘is REVOLAX Sub-Q good’,  rest assured that it is a highly effective and popular dermal filler with an extensive list of benefits.

What Is the Qualitative & Quantitative Composition of REVOLAX Sub-Q?

Many medical professionals rely on REVOLAX Sub-Q as a highly regarded dermal filler, due to its reputable formula.

For those interested in the composition of the filler when evaluating ‘Is REVOLAX Sub-Q good’, we’ve compiled the important information that every practitioner should know.

REVOLAX Sub-Q contains several key components, including 24mg/ml of hyaluronic acid, which helps to restore volume to the injected area. Additionally, REVOLAX Sub-Q contains 0.3% Lidocaine HCl, a local anaesthetic that helps to minimise discomfort for a patient during injection.The product also has a volume of 1.1ml and a density of 280 MPa, which makes it an ideal option for use in areas that require deep tissue injection, such as the cheeks or chin.

The trusted and effective composition of REVOLAX Sub-Q has made it a popular choice among practitioners for enhancing facial contours and achieving a more youthful appearance for their patients.

Can REVOLAX Sub-Q Be Dissolved?

In the rare occasion that REVOLAX would need to be dissolved, like most other fillers, it is easily dissolvable. For example, a patient may experience unexpected side effects, or the results that they were left with may not meet their expectations. In instances like these, dissolving the filler may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Moreover, dissolving REVOLAX in the case of an emergency such as an occlusion can help prevent further complications and minimise any potential risks. Occlusion occurs when a blood vessel is blocked, usually by the filler material, which can cause tissue damage or even necrosis. Dissolving the filler can help relieve the occlusion and restore blood flow, reducing the risk of severe complications.

As REVOLAX is formulated with hyaluronic acid, the dissolving agent, Hyaluronidase, can be used to reverse the effects of REVOLAX fillers. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that works by breaking down the hyaluronic acid molecules in the filler. This process allows the filler to be gradually metabolised and absorbed by the body, returning the treated area to its original state. The amount of hyaluronidase needed to dissolve the filler depends on the amount of filler injected and the location where it was injected.

It is important to remember that while dissolving REVOLAX is a viable option, you should only perform this treatment if you are a qualified medical professional who is experienced in administering hyaluronidase injections. Attempting to dissolve the filler without the correct training can result in adverse side effects, serious complications, or even permanent damage to the skin or tissue.

Is REVOLAX Sub-Q Available In 0.5ml Syringes?

REVOLAX Sub-Q is a premium hyaluronic acid filler that has gained popularity among aesthetic practitioners due to its high quality and affordability.

Available to purchase in a 1.1ml pre-filled syringe, REVOLAX is currently not available to buy in smaller ml quantities. Although REVOLAX is only available in a 1.1ml syringe, practitioners can use the product for a variety of treatments, including lip augmentation, facial contouring, and wrinkle reduction. The versatility of the product, combined with its affordability, has made it a popular choice among both practitioners and patients.

The reason for this is because even at 1.1ml, REVOLAX is amazing value for money that any lower volume would not be cost-effective for the practitioner. With REVOLAX, 1.1ml costs as much as you would likely pay for 0.5ml of another filler – making  the current quantity the most economical.

Although REVOLAX does not provide lower quantities for the treatments requiring less product, we still strongly advise against storing the left-over product in the syringe for another treatment due to bacterial growth and risk of bodily contamination.

It is important to note that while REVOLAX may be an affordable option for aesthetic treatments, it is still a medical product that requires proper handling and administration. Storing leftover product for future use can increase the risk of bacterial growth and contamination, which can lead to serious health complications. It is important to always follow proper storage and disposal guidelines when using REVOLAX or any other dermal filler.

So, Is REVOLAX Sub-Q Good?

With all of the above in mind, we can confidently say that REVOLAX Sub-Q is a good, if not fantastic, dermal filler, and if you’re still hesitant on adding REVOLAX Sub-Q to your treatment roster, but still aren’t convinced, allow some reviews of practitioner’s who love REVOLAX, convince you:

Billie Jae Darragh (Nurse_Billie_Aesthetics)

“My favourite technique when injecting the cheeks is to inject down to the periosteum with a lift technique in specific points in order to get the BEST result! I love Revolax Sub Q for non-surgical rhinoplasty because it adds incredible volume and lift whilst only using a minimal amount of product. It also stays in place and does not migrate. Sub-Q is very dense and cross-linked which means it remains in the area of injection and holds its shape which sets it apart from other dermal fillers in my opinion. It lasts anywhere between 12-18 months, however it’s important to note that this varies from person to person. I would always choose REVOLAX Sub-Q over REVOLAX Deep when injecting the cheeks, chin or jawline due to the molecular structure of Sub-Q. Clients will get better results, particularly for facial contouring or when replacing volume loss.”

Trained practitioners can purchase REVOLAX Sub-Q, alongside the rest of the range, here.

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