StarFill dermal fillers offer impressive viscoelasticity which lifts up facial tissue and enhances volume, allowing aestheticians to sculpt the features whilst maintaining a natural shape. Advanced cross-linking structure allows for even distribution of the gel when injected into the skin due to uniform particle size. The StarFill collection can be used to treat a range of areas across the face including nasolabial folds, frown lines, perioral wrinkles and more.

Starfill dermal filler


The low toxin and cross-linking agent levels within Starfill ensure the high safety of the product while minimising the risk of post-injection edema, allergic reactions, and any other side effects. Its uniform gel particle size contributes to the even distribution of the filler during injection and creates a better overall aesthetic effect.


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  • StarFill is a high-quality, hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal filler. The range features the Plus, Deep Plus, and Implant Plus variants that all boast an advanced cross-linking structure for even distribution.

  • StarFill is a quality dermal filler, widely used by industry-leading aestheticians. The natural-looking and long-lasting effects of StarFill make it a popular choice for many clinics.

  • The variants of StarFill are applicable for a range of different areas across the face. You should use Plus for superficial/mid dermis treatments, Deep Plus for mid to deep dermis, and Implant Plus for subcutaneous and supraperiostal area procedures.

  • Results often vary from client to client dependent on a range of factors, but results from StarFill filler typically last between 6 to 18 months.