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Starfill dermal filler

HA 24mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%, Superficial / Mid Dermis, 1.1ml, 27G

What's inside the pack:- 1x1.1ml pre-filled syringe and 2 x sterile 27G needles

  • High Complex Viscosity / Easy Injection
  • Safe raw material which is controlled by the separated lines
  • Highest purified HA to guarantee duration and prevent swelling
  • Optimized viscoelasticity to lift up accurately
  • Technology to produce homogeneous molecular size to enable exquisite molding
  • No detection of remaining chemical catalyst through perfect cross-link process
  • Aseptic manufacturing environment to prevent side effects
  • Strict criteria less than 0.1 EU/ml endotoxin
  • pH and osmotic pressure as same as the human body to minimize the pain of injection
  • Ideal viscoelasticity shall lift up the tissue and make easy molding and maintain the natural beautiful shape.

Starfill dermal fillers are obtained using the “Zero Endotoxin and BDDE Entire Process” (ZEEP) technology, which guarantees minimized endotoxin and residual BDDE levels. The product has a high HA cross-linking degree, outstanding viscoelasticity, and cohesiveness parameter values. Low toxin and cross-linking agent levels ensure the high safety of the product while minimizing the risk of post-injection edema, allergic reactions, and other side effects. Uniform gel particle size contributes to the even distribution of the filler during injection and better aesthetic effect. The presence of lidocaine in the composition makes the procedure painless.

Other Starfill Dermal Fillers include:

Starfill dermal filler is manufactured by Jetema who produce Regenovue and EPTQ filler (Epitique).

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