The OVEO Plasma Pen: The Must-Have Device

By Florence Goulbourne

It’s natural for the latter months of the year to encourage change and preparation for what’s on the horizon. As we steadily approach the festive period and the new year, now is the time for you to consider your treatment offerings in line with what your clients are seeking. For those on the search for a solution for skin texture, laxity and fine lines, the OVEO Plasma Pen may perhaps be your one-way ticket to a booked-up beauty calendar. With amazing skin enhancing benefits, the OVEO Plasma Pen is perfect for targeting a host of perceived flaws – helping your clients to achieve their goals, and for you to treat them. Discover our huge Black Friday savings at Fox Pharma and get your clinic prepped for party season and the new year. 

If you’re still contemplating whether the OVEO Plasma Pen is right for your clinic, find out more about how this leading medical device can transform your clinic’s treatment offering.

What is the OVEO Plasma Pen?

Able to promote skin rejuvenation while helping to stimulate collagen and elastin, the OVEO Plasma Pen is a non-surgical device that works to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. Literally deriving from the Latin word ‘refoveo’, meaning to refresh and revive, the product offers incredible transformations for clients presenting with skin concerns. It creates results within hours of treatment, offering a non-invasive and non-intrusive skin treatment. These product features make the OVEO Plasma Pen the perfect offering for your clients who are seeking a non-surgical solution to their skin concerns.

The OVEO Plasma Pen is primarily used to treat skin laxity. The device promotes skin tightening, whilst helping to diminish the appearance of scarring and redness. Alongside this, the device offers rejuvenating results by promoting a smoother and firmer-looking complexion, through a combination of tightening, regenerating and rejuvenating skin’s elasticity. 

How does the OVEO Plasma Pen work to achieve these results? It uses a combination of electromagnetic energy and intense heat to generate a small electrical plasma arc; this delivers a small superficial burn to the skin’s surface, offering an instant tightening effect. This causes instant tightening of the skin area. The device offers long-lasting results for up to 3 years, with no open wounds or thinning of skin architecture, post-procedure.

You can read more about the OVEO Plasma Pen here.

Why should my clinic have the OVEO Plasma Pen?

Here at Fox Group, we innovate by pioneering the next high-quality development within the aesthetics industry, because we are passionate about making quality affordable, whilst ensuring that all of our products achieve impressive results. Exclusive to Fox Pharma, the OVEO Plasma Pen is not just advantageous for your clinic  due to providing a multitude of skin benefits, but it is also one of the safest and most effective methods of multi-plasma, non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Results are visible after one treatment and it requires minimal downtime, giving practitioners a fast and non-invasive treatment option.

In addition to the advantages that OVEO offers your clients, it is also compact and lightweight, offering ease of use for any practitioner. It provides effective delivery of nitrogen plasma, with fingertip on-demand control, and a handy travel case, for convenient usage and storage. The Plasma Pen features a selection of starter nibs and practitioners can subscribe to a top-up of nibs to ensure that you’re always stocked up. The OVEO is a multi-benefit treatment that makes a versatile addition to any clinic.

Dr Chirag Patel is a professional Skin Surgeon, Doctor of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine and Fox ambassador. Dr Patel explains why you should choose the OVEO Plasma Pen for your clinic:

“There are many plasma devices available on the market currently which will look similar and claim to function in the same way, however, the biggest comparison between Oveo and other devices is that the Oveo is CE marked and is registered as a medical-grade device. As aestheticians and practitioners have a duty to their patients, in case of a complication – your choice of device would be criticised by both your patient and your insurance. Ensuring that you work with CE marked, medical-grade technology is crucial for a more seamless procedure protocol.”

What is the Fox Pharma Black Friday Offer?

The OVEO Plasma Pen is now available at a discounted rate in our annual Black Friday sale. Now is the time to take advantage of our exceptional offers here at Fox and add OVEO to your treatment roster. Our Black Friday Offer is an impressive 50% off the RRP, meaning that your clinic can offer treatments to a multitude of clients. Your patients will thank you later. 

The OVEO Plasma Pen: The Must-Have Device

There has never been a more perfect time to offer the OVEO Plasma Pen than just before Christmas. Steal our limited-time Black Friday offer and purchase the OVEO Plasma Pen with 50% off RRP, in time for the festive months. Enhance your clinic’s treatment list and buy the Plasma Pen from Fox Pharma this Black Friday. 

For more information, shop The OVEO Plasma Pen exclusively at Fox Pharma. Shop our Black Friday deals here and read more about our Fox Pharma products here.

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