We Ask Dr Haffar: How to Achieve Natural Results With REVOLAX

By Florence Goulbourne

As the landscape of aesthetic medicine continues to change, more patients are understanding the value of non-surgical tweakments to maintain a youthful appearance. With a drastic shift towards more natural results, practitioners are extending their clinic offerings to meet patients’ expectations of subtler enhancements.

With a plethora of products and treatments available to help subtly sculpt, we spoke to REVOLAX Ambassador, Dr Haffar on his approach to natural-looking results with The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler, REVOLAX.

Do you think the aesthetics industry has shifted towards more natural-looking enhancements and do you think that this will continue into 2023?

Dr Haffar explained: ‘2022 has seen a big shift where clients are wanting more natural-looking results, not only in aesthetics. Clients are replacing bigger, oversized lips with smaller, more natural-looking enhancements that are more similar to their original size and shape. I feel like the last year has seen a greater appreciation for everyone’s natural beauty and embracing a more natural look is becoming the new trend. I expect that this will continue to grow into 2023 as more celebrities are now embracing their natural beauty.’

What are the most effective yet subtle dermal filler treatments for patients who want to appear refreshed without looking ‘done’?

‘Achieving a subtly rejuvenated appearance is our bread and butter’ claims Dr Haffar. Marionette filler is the process of filling or removing the line between the mouth and the chin. This line can increase and deepen as we age, without us even realising it. Adding filler to this area can subtly lift the corners of the mouth, changing it from downturned appearing, to upturned and youthful.’

How do you determine what a natural-looking outcome will look like for each patient?

‘Every client is different, and they are not always looking for the same results’ Dr Haffar explains, ‘the initial consultation is crucial when it comes to understanding the client’s needs. However, a lot of this comes from experience and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy as well as a deep understanding of their problem areas. I know from just looking at the face which areas need improvement, but it might not always be the ones that a client books in for. To get only natural results, the filler is used in a way to enhance the facial features that are there, not changing them completely. Sometimes, the filler is even used just solely to support an area (i.e., cheeks), not add volume or definition.’

How can patients avoid falling into the over-treatment trap?

For patients to avoid over-treatment, Dr Haffar suggests ‘It’s important for the client to be happy with the results of the treatment and sometimes even though they think they want more filler, it will not always give the results they are after. During the client consultation, we discuss the best options to achieve their desired results. With dermal fillers, a little can go a long way and the client does not always realise how much can be done with such a small amount of filler. The goal is always to enhance a client’s natural beauty and sometimes even though a client comes to get a lot of filler, they often find that they like the look created with less.’

He also adds, ‘to avoid overdoing injectables, we recommend regular top-ups and avoiding using too much product in one go. This is why it’s incredibly important to go with a trusted, experienced practitioner, and avoid comparing results on social platforms.’

How do you create natural lip enhancements with REVOLAX?

Sharing his expert tips, Dr Haffar said, ‘to achieve a natural look, it’s about the placement of the filler. Ensuring the product does not overfill beyond the vermillion border is essential. During treatment, I am constantly checking product placement. Since REVOLAX is curated from hyaluronic acid and has high visco-elasticity, it can create incredibly natural-looking results. Not only do the lips have added volume, but they are also more hydrated, plump, and smooth in texture. Both REVOLAX Deep and Fine can be used for lip contouring, adding size and volume to enhance the natural shape of the lips.’

‘We are certainly seeing a rise in clients aged 40 plus visiting the clinic for dermal fillers, to retain and regain their youth! Our mature clients visit us mainly to reduce lines and wrinkles in areas such as the nasolabial folds and marionette lines’, says Dr Haffar.

‘For the ’30-’50s age group, tear trough filler is incredibly popular! It’s one of my best-selling treatments. The eye area is one of the first to show signs of ageing, so this is typical of this age group. For clients in their 20s and 30s, the most popular treatments tend to be lip enhancements and jawline filler for facial slimming and contouring. This age group is generally more influenced by social and celebrity trends, so my treatment bookings are reflective of whatever is popular at the time!’

The Takeaway

Many patients are in pursuit of a more natural look with their aesthetic tweakments and it’s the practitioners’ duty to ensure that their goals are achieved (where realistic) to the best ability.

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