REVOLAX Fine with Lidocaine

REVOLAX has a brand-new box with the same great product. The new box with the holographic logo ensures an authentic, traceable product sourced and distributed only through official UK & IE licence holders, Fox Pharma.

REVOLAX Deep with Lidocaine

Identify official Fox Pharma REVOLAX product with the brand-new box including the UK & IE holographic logo. The same high-quality product has a new look to easily identify safe and authentic REVOLAX products that are fully traceable back to the manufacturer.

REVOLAX Sub-Q with Lidocaine

Fox Pharma are committed to providing safe and high-quality products. The new box is the same CE marked product with a brand-new look to help practitioners identify official and genuine Fox Pharma REVOLAX product when purchasing.

From 4th April 2024, ACROSS Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of REVOLAX in association with Fox Group, the exclusive UK & IE distributor of REVOLAX, are introducing a new box for their REVOLAX products in the UK and Ireland.

Fox Group has been exclusively distributing REVOLAX to the UK and Ireland since 2017. The introduction of the new REVOLAX box comes after an increase of counterfeit and parallel imported REVOLAX product. Fox Group believes the introduction of the new box will help practitioners differentiate genuine and authentic REVOLAX products intended for the UK & IE market.

The new REVOLAX box includes a black band across the bottom of the box, with a holographic logo “Fox Group Exclusive UK & IE Licence Holders”. Practitioners will be able to have peace of mind, knowing when purchasing the new box, they are buying safe, authentic product that is easily identifiable and fully traceable, back to the manufacturer.

The new REVOLAX box will only be available to be purchased from the official licence holders Fox Group, and the official sub-distributors Wigmore Medical. Any companies selling the old REVOLAX box, are selling ingenuine REVOLAX product that may not be covered by your aesthetics insurance.

  • Yes, Fox Group are the official distributors and licence holders of REVOLAX in the UK and Ireland, all REVOLAX purchased from Fox Group is genuine, authentic REVOLAX.

  • Fox Group are committed to suppling aesthetics practitioners across the UK and EU with high quality, affordable products that are safe, traceable, and genuine. Fox Group hopes the introduction of the new REVOLAX box will further safeguard the authenticity of REVOLAX products in the UK and Ireland.

  • The new REVOLAX box will be introduced from 4th April 2024 by the official distributors Fox Group and official sub-distributors. Practitioners should not buy REVOLAX with the old box from 4th April.