Seventy Hyal 2000 Tear Trough Training

By Florence Goulbourne

Injecting Seventy Hyal 2000 into the under eyes can offer a brightening and hydrating solution for those without pronounced hollowness. Injecting a dermal filler or skin booster into the under-eye area is a delicate art that requires precision and a high level of skill. At Seventy Hyal, we want to ensure that all practitioners are confident in injecting The Next Generation Skin Booster in all treatment areas, to help you maximise the treatment’s versatility. We caught up with Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Seventy Hyal Trainer, Kirsten Horsfield, to discuss tear trough rejuvenation.

What is the best injection technique for injecting Seventy Hyal under the eyes?

Kirsten says, ‘My preferred technique is to use a 25g cannula under the eyes. In my experience is causes less trauma and therefore less bruising and swelling. It’s also fairly comfortable for my clients.’

How much product should you inject into the under-eye area?

‘With Seventy Hyal it’s important not to over fill as the product is very hydrophilic and therefore can attract a large volume of fluid to the area. The maximum I would use is 0.3-0.4ml per side’ Kirsten explained. Overfilling the under-eye area can cause swelling, due to the humectant nature of hyaluronic acid, therefore we would never recommend exceeding the recommended amount of skin booster, particularly in this treatment area.

Tear Trough training- Seventy Hyal 2000

Credit: @baesthetics_clinic

What is the best Seventy Hyal aftercare advice for puffiness/swelling etc?

Numbing with ice can be an effective way to reduce swelling and discomfort both pre and post-treatment. However, this is not always the best approach in instances of under-eye swelling or puffiness. Kirsten told us,’ People tend to advise cold compresses for under eye swelling. This is fine if it’s inflammation, but if it’s a build-up of fluid, a warm compress is what is needed, to dilate the vessels and encourage the fluid to drain.’

How long is the recovery and aftercare period?

‘In terms of recovery, most people have no downtime at all, but on a few occasions, I’ve seen clients with minor fluid there for up to 3 weeks’ Kirsten says.

Can Seventy Hyal be placed in the tear trough using micro injections?

Kirsten would not recommend using micro-injections for tear trough rejuvenation. ‘Superficial micro-bolus injections under the eye aren’t recommended with Seventy Hyal as the product has a high molecular weight so the ‘blebs’ will remain visible for quite a while and fluid is likely to accumulate in the superficial tissues’ thus leading to swelling and a prolonged recovery.

What works better, a cannula or a needle?

When it comes to the best injection technique for the tear trough, every practitioner will have their preference. Kirsten says, ‘A mid dermal injection can be used if people prefer not to use cannula, in which case, the 30g 13mm needle is perfect. Important to note though that this should only be attempted by practitioners who have trained in tear trough treatment.’

In what instances would you recommend using a skin booster such as Seventy for tear-trough rejuvenation, as opposed to a HA dermal filler?

Kirsten told us, ‘I often use a skin booster under the eyes, for crepey skin, fine lines and to help brighten and even the skin tone, so to rejuvenate the tissues. However, if there is a definite hollow under the eyes, I would turn to a dermal filler which will volumise the area.’ Therefore, Seventy Hyal would provide a revitalising solution for dark circles and skin laxity, whereas true hollowing requires a dermal filler to correct.

What common mistakes can occur when practitioners are using skin boosters on the under-eye area?

‘The most common mistake here is definitely overfilling’ Kirsten explains, ‘so keep volumes small, allowing for the expansion of the product when it draws in fluid.’

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Have you tried rejuvenating the under-eye area with Seventy Hyal? Let us know your favourite way to use the Next Generation Skin Booster in the comments.

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