The OVEO Plasma Pen

By Florence Goulbourne

The Oveo Plasma Pen is exclusive to Fox Pharma, intended to combat skin laxity and fine lines alongside a host of textural concerns. Derived from the Latin word, ‘Refoveo’ meaning to refresh and revive, OVEO skin treatments are intended to revitalise the complexion.

The Oveo microdermabrasion device utilises a combination of electromagnetic energy and intense heat to generate a small electrical plasma arc. This in turn, causes a small superficial burn to the surface of the epidermis – prompting a healing response to stimulate and tighten the skin. Applying superficial trauma to the epidermis activates fibroblasts, initiating the wound healing process while stimulating the production of new cells, collagen and elastin.

In addition to skin tightening, the Oveo Plasma Pen can also be used to help improve the appearance of skin lesions, stretch-marks and loose skin and interestingly. The OVEO microdermabrasion device’s anti-bacterial properties and resurfacing benefits combine to create an efficacious treatment option for those with scarring and redness.

OVEO Plasma Pen Treatment Areas

Treatment areas include the forehead, mid-face, perioral and lower face – also including more tricky treatment areas such as the eyelids. Medical professionals within the aesthetics industry have praised the Oveo Plasma Pen for its ability to perform skin-tightening procedures with minimal downtime. The Oveo Plasma Pen is intended to tighten, brighten, and reduces skin laxity, resulting in a more youthful-looking appearance. The plasma pen can aid in reducing the appearance of superficial to deep wrinkles.

How Does The Oveo Plasma Pen Work?

The OVEO pen is a non-invasive device that produces a plasma gas, made of positively charged and ionised molecules that move freely.

The Oveo Plasma Pen employs plasmatic rays to accelerate collagen and elastin synthesis as well as the synthesis of other components of the extracellular matrix. The principle of plasma cosmetology is based on the use of the fourth state of the substance – plasma. This is a contactless way of influencing when a plasma arc occurs between the tip of the special device and the skin. It uses a combination of electromagnetic energy and intense heat to generate a small electrical plasma arc which causes a small superficial burn to the superficial portion of the epidermis.

During an OVEO treatment, the Plasma Pen creates a small accurate plasma arc which creates a very specific thermal burn that causes instant tightening of the skin area. By puncturing microscopic holes in the skin, the surface tissue contracts to give visible lifting effect. As the epidermis creates fresh new cells, the process of collagen is enhanced, and elastic creation makes the skin appear stronger, fresher and lifted over a short period. Treatments focus on preventing ageing, whitening spots, exfoliating dead cells, and reducing the appearance of acne scars

The Oveo Plasma Pen is one of the safest, yet most effective, methods of multi-plasma, non-surgical skin rejuvenation. This game-changing technology works without the perforation of skin tissue, hyperpigmentation and most importantly, without major burns – only leaving a carbon crust on the skin after treatment.

The Oveo Plasma Pen is available with additional tips including the original tip, the fractional tip, the thermal tip, the plasma tip and the mini tip to help address different skin concerns.

The Thermal Tip: When used with the OVEO Plasma Pen, the thermal plasma nib delivers heat deep into the skin, accelerating skin regeneration through micro-currents in three wavelengths. The thermal nib can be used to treat fine wrinkles, pores and skin lifting. The micro-current of the thermal nib has excellent effects in delivering the solution deep inside the skin through a specialised wavelength.

The Fractional Tip: The fractional nib stimulates the skin and can be utilised on areas with blemish scarring, along with the upper/lower eyelid surgery and eyelid lifting. The fractional nib, delivers the solution deep inside the skin through microscopic holes.

The Original Tip: The Original OVEO nib uses fine plasma sparks and thermal energy to deliver micro-current simultaneously. This causes the sanitation effect on the skin surface without scarring and creates a regeneration effect at the same time. The original nib can be applied to various skin troubles such as acne, scarring, facial fine wrinkles, and face lifting. This nib provides a versatile treatment option for a variety of patients, requiring minimal downtime.

The Plasma Tip: The plasma nib creates small plasma sparks on the surface of the skin, prompting regenerative bio-stimulatory action. The plasma nib can be utilised on areas of concern such as blemish scarring and can be utilised for upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation, along with non-surgical brow lifting.

The Mini Tip: The Mini Tip is crafted from stainless (SUS 316) material and is the perfect professional tip for fine and sensitive areas of the skin. The Mini Tip can be used on moles, syringoma, acrochordon, lentigo, milium, scars, blemishes and the eyelids.

What are the advantages of the OVEO Plasma Pen?  There are several advantages for choosing the OVEO Plasma Pen over invasive surgery, the minimal downtime and accessibility to treatment makes plasma regenerative procedures an attractive option for those with ageing concerns

Key advantages of OVEO for patients:

  • Reduction of fine lines and superficial wrinkles including crow’s feet and frown lines
  • Age reversing results via a combination of tightening, regenerating and rejuvenating skins elasticity.
  • Reduces the appearance of medium to severe wrinkles.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • No open wounds or thinning of skins architecture post-procedure.
  • Long-lasting results of around 3 years.

Key advantages of OVEO for qualified professionals:

  • Compact and lightweight design that offers reliable and effective delivery of nitrogen plasma with fingertip on-demand control.
  • Handy travel case.
  • Selection of starter nibs, as well as an option to subscribe to a top-up of nibs so you are never running low.
  • A significant variety of procedures can be performed with the OVEO Plasma Pen ranging from skin tightening procedures around delicate eye areas to scar treatment.

Fox spoke to Dr Chirag Patel, professional Skin Surgeon, Doctor of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine and ambassador at Fox, including the OVEO Plasma Pen. Dr Patel addresses and answers some of your important questions regarding the Oveo Plasma Pen.

  1. Do I require specific training to use The Oveo Plasma Pen?

Dr Patel advised, ‘You do not require specific training to use the Oveo Plasma Pen. If you have used a different plasma device before and have undergone prior plasma training – then you can comfortably use the Oveo. The usability of this plasma pen has some differences compared to other plasma pens on the market however, the technology is the same – plasma technology. For more on how to operate with the Oveo Plasma Pen – you can contact our customer support team who will be more than happy to provide the correct training protocol including 1-1 training which can be delivered over a Zoom call.’

  1. Are there any risks or complications of using the device?

‘In safe hands where the correct technique is employed, the risk of complications should be minimal.’ Dr Patel explains, ‘However, as with any treatment where you are inducing controlled trauma to the skin, there is a risk of complication. This can include the risk of scarring, the risk of pigmentary changes including hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, prolonged erythema, and infection.’

  1. Why should I choose the Oveo Plasma Pen over cheaper alternatives on the internet?

‘There are many plasma devices available on the market currently which will look similar and claim to function in the same way, however, the biggest comparison between Oveo and other devices is that the Oveo is CE marked and is registered as a medical-grade device. As aestheticians and practitioners have a duty to their patients, in case of a complication – your choice of device would be criticised by both your patient and your insurance’ Dr Patel says.

Ensuring that you work with CE marked, medical-grade technology is crucial for optimal patient safety.

  1. Can the Oveo Plasma Pen be used on anyone?

‘No, the Oveo Plasma Pen cannot be used on anyone – much like Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injections,’ Dr Patel says, ‘The Oveo Plasma Pen cannot be used on anyone under the age of 18, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or anyone taking oral Roaccutane. Roaccutane increases the turnover of the epidermis so patients on Roaccutane tend to have thinner epidermises which means that there is a higher risk of bypassing the basement membrane with the plasma pen., causing scarring.’

The Oveo Plasma Pen can also not be used with anyone who has a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator.

  1. Is Oveo a painful treatment?

Dr Patel explains, ‘Pain tolerance is completely individualised for each patient, however, Oveo doesn’t need to be a painful treatment. Like with most aesthetic treatments, aestheticians tend to employ techniques that make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the patient.’

With the Oveo Plasma Pen, topical anaesthesia can be used prior to the treatment – under occlusion for at least 30 minutes. This tends to help minimise pain and take the pain ranking threshold down to one or two out of ten. One technique that can also be used is to inject local lidocaine and adrenaline, this helps to reduce the pain threshold down to zero and makes it super comfortable for the patient. However, before injecting, you must ensure this is within your scope of work to inject local anaesthesia.


Ultimately, the Oveo Plasma Pen is the perfect solution to help rejuvenate and tighten the skin with no downtime, no scarring and visible results within hours of the treatment. Moreover, The Oveo Plasma Pen is CE marked and ISO 9001 certified meaning it is safe and fully compliant with European safety regulations. This medical-grade device can fit into any aesthetic practice perfectly, boasting the versatility of all its properties and many indications it is used for.

The non-invasive skin tightening plasma pen works on various areas including the eyelids, crow’s feet, jowl, and neck areas, alongside any other areas of laxity, making it the perfect multi-use device.

For more information, shop The Oveo Plasma Pen exclusively at Fox Pharma.

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