Here at Fox Pharma, we’re constantly keeping up with REVOLAX Ambassador, Dr Mark Gorman to stay ahead of the curve with industry trends, tips and tricks. We recently caught up with Dr Gorman to find out what he’s been up to throughout lockdown. Check out what he had to say.

How’s lockdown been for you?

It’s been an interesting time for everyone! Until recently, my private practice has been put on hold however, my NHS work at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London continued throughout. Cancer patients still required their operations, but there were obviously changes to put in practice such as increase vigilance with droplet spread (PPE). I found it to be much more emotionally challenging for patients, as their families couldn’t attend the wards to visit. Reflecting on lockdown, I think it’s been a lonely time for many people and I’m conscious of how lucky I have been in that respect.

Have you learnt any new skills throughout lockdown?

I’ve had to get to grips with Zoom and various online meeting software! I’ve also spent time creating teaching courses for Fox which has enabled me to become better speaking directly to camera and learning a little bit of video editing. I’m on a learning curve when it comes to being formal and precise to create excellent, well-informed content and injecting personality and passion to maintain authenticity.

How have you adapted to your clinic for a post-COVID world?

My clinic is now safe with PPE. I have also changed the journey that my patients take through my clinic so they do not come into contact with anyone else. I’m also spacing my appointments out a little further to allow for factors such as deeper cleaning and making sure I don’t overlap in waiting times. When I re-start teaching, there will be less attendees to maintain a greater degree of social distancing. This has required a refit, change to clinic furniture and new signage.

Are there any new aesthetic trends that have emerged through lockdown that you feel are here to stay?

I haven’t found that new trends have emerged during COVID as people haven’t had the chance to work with clients and it’s usually before and after images that validate new trends. However, I think clients will turn to less traumatic, and more natural dermal filler facial re-shaping. I think skincare will also see an increase in popularity as we realise the wider benefits of treatments such as skin peels and re-surfacing techniques.

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